5 top tips to help your employees while working at home

Apr 2020

During these uncertain times, and with the current situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic we are facing, it is obvious that we need to adapt to new ways of working. There are employees all around the globe who are having to work from home, and those who aren’t are our brave key workers, but working from home can be stressful, especially if you are unprepared or this is a new experience for you. However, there are ways we can get through this and certain steps that employers can take to make this time less stressful for themselves and their employees. This is important, as working while stressed can impact your work output negatively and can also impact your mental health. Therefore, employers must address the current situation to maintain a positive and motivated workforce.

How to help and support your employees working from home

Here at Kays Medical we have put together a list of tips and advice we believe can help employers and employees during this difficult time. 

1. Healthy surroundings 

Employees could currently be experiencing less than perfect work conditions. Whether it be down to looking after children while schools are closed or the lack of up to date resources to do their job efficiently as not everybody has a dedicated office space or equipment at home. Employers should encourage workers to create a work area private and separate from lounge areas, if possible. This creates the idea that you are in a work environment as there is no room to relax or unwind until after you finish work. If your work areas become blurred with your lounge areas this is when your work-life balance becomes threatened, and you may start to lose focus and stop working.

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2. Create a routine and stick to it 

Traditional working hours may not be what they were for many people, but it is important to encourage employees to maintain a healthy routine. Employers should also encourage their employees to get some free time before or after work, for example, encourage them to swap their usual commute time to and from work for a walk to the park and back, whilst adhering to government guidelines on social distancing. There are some things you cannot control, for example, if employees are home schooling or looking after their children their usual 9-5 schedule may not be the best option for them, you should encourage them to choose a schedule that works best for them so they can work to the best of their ability.

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3. Socialise

Socialising with colleagues at work is important for a lot of employees as it can be a great stress reliever, but during this difficult time it’s more important than ever. Working online is now the basic requirement for most employees and it can be a lonely place for some. That is why it’s imperative that employers try to encourage their employees to socialise and get in contact with their workforce as often as possible. Whether it’s a video chat inside or outside of work hours where staff can socialise as they would in work, or even a quiz session to wind down every Friday after a challenging week at work. This will help maintain some of the positive activities that normally take place in the workplace.

4. Healthy living and wellbeing 

These challenging times may be the perfect time to take a look at the company’s well-being process, to see whether your staff are supported and encouraged enough. Showing that you care about employee’s wellbeing can boost their confidence and make them feel like you truly care. Looking after your workforce can also decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, and boost engagement between you and your workforce. To look after employee wellbeing at home you could offer them an online membership to health classes such as yoga or even offer them vouchers to purchase home workout kits.

5. Technology 

The right technology is vital to producing the best work possible so investing in the newest technology for your staff is a must. Some staff may not own laptops or computers and may not have the facilities to work from home, so supplying them with the equipment they need can have a huge impact on their working from home experience. Providing them with the right technology will also increase their work rate as they will be using the best equipment for the job, and as you have gone out of your way to provide it to them they will feel encouraged to do their best. The technology could also include communication tools, for example, providing your staff with a membership for a video messaging platform could encourage them to be more social. 


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