Chemical Decontamination


We are specialists in Diphoterine® advanced chemical decontamination for emergency response treatment of chemical splashes to skin and eyes, with a wide range of products and specialist training.
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Chemical Decontamination

DIPHOTERINE® is an aqueous, polyvalent, washing solution that is highly effective against all kinds of chemicals (excluding hydrofluoric acid, see HF Acid Decontamination)

DIPHOTERINE® is an amphoteric and chelating molecule with at least one site able to rapidly and effectively absorb and neutralise each kind of the 6 possible reactions:

  • Acid
  • Base
  • Oxidation
  • Reduction
  • Solvation
  • Chelation

It is hypertonic which, when applied to the eyes or skin, creates an osmotic pressure that attracts the aggressive chemical which may already have penetrated into the tissue.

It is through combination of these properties that DIPHOTERINE® is uniquely able to achieve the three main elements demanded for effective emergency first aid of a chemical splash:

  • Removal of excess chemical from the surface of the tissue.
  • Absorption and neutralisation of the aggressive chemical molecule remaining on the tissue surface.
  • Attraction, absorption and neutralisation of the aggressive chemical molecule already penetrating the tissue.

The DIPHOTERINE® solution sprays can be used in the following conditions

In unloading areas
In laboratories
Next to surface treatment baths
Carried around by maintenance staff, in non hazardous areas
In first-aid rooms (in order to perform additional rinsing, in case of late use on the accident scene)
chemical decontamination

Don’t just take our word for it…

DIPHOTERINE® Testimonial
“As a manufacturer of chemicals, we recently purchased 4 tins of 200ml Diphoterine from Kays Medical as we had listened to the hype of the product and the effects that it can have on skin if in contact with Sulphuric Acid; we decided to give it a try.

After having an incident on our site whereby a work colleague came into contact with Sulphuric Acid, we applied the Diphoterine within the required time limit and are absolutely amazed by the effects this product had on our colleague’s skin.

There was not one burn to the skin, the product brought relief to the skin/area of contact immediately, and he didn’t even have to visit the hospital!! Even the day after, there still was no burn marks or redness whatsoever.

We can vouch that this product is truly amazing and would recommend anyone that handles or deals with Sulphuric Acid to have some Diphoterine to hand.

We immediately ordered a re-stock of the Diphoterine which came very quickly”

Karen Waddington, Airedale Chemical

What is a chelating agent?

A chelating agent forms a chemical bond with a toxic substance and renders it inert for excretion or subsequent removal from the body.

Need chemical splash training?

Understanding chemical splash situations, how to respond and treat affected individuals is the key to limiting pain and permanent injury. Our specialist chemical splash courses provide first rate guidance and practical treatment instruction on the use of Diphoterine.