Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics, also sometimes called “human factors”, examines the “fit” between an employee and their work. Ergonomics puts the employee first, taking account of an individual’s capabilities and limitations, ensuring that tasks, equipment, information and the environment fit each employee.

All assessment and any recommendations are aimed at assisting the employer in maintaining compliance with regulation and HSE guidance.

Virtual and face to face:

We suggest you discuss the feasibility of these options with one of our clinical advisors


• For all homeworkers, DSE and other workstation.
• Virtual and face to face available.
• Report and recommendations.
• If required, brief training regarding electrical safety of work equipment.

Standard DSE:

Basic assessment and recommendations which, for most users are likely to be sufficient in achieving regulatory compliance.

Escalated DSE:

• When virtual or self-conducted DSE assessment has identified issues
that require further investigation.
• For employees with pre-existing musculoskeletal conditions or pain.
• Taking a solution-focused approach the 30–60-minute face to face
consultation will result in a report and recommendations for
reasonable adjustments for both the employer and employee.

Vehicle Assessments:

• Stationary driver assessments.

Specialist Assessments (workplace related):

• Mental Health.
• Drug & Alcohol.
• Dyslexia.
• Functional psychological assessment.

For more information, contact:

Occupational Health Department

0151 482 2830

Legal Obligation

Did you know that as an employer, you have a legal obligation to effectively monitor and assess workplace risks as well as carry out surveillance where it is deemed necessary?Our Occupational Health service can assist you with this. Learn more about our Health Surveillance service.