Evacuation Immobilisation


Whether on land or sea we have a large selection of specialist immobilisation and evacuation equipment designed for use in demanding, life saving scenarios.
Kays Medical

Evacuation Chairs

Help meet your duty of care under the Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination requirements and also Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 by ensuring staff and visitors with reduced mobility can be quickly, easily and safely evacuated from multi-story premises. Single user operation, simple setup, super lightweight, compact and easily stored for rapid deployment.

Two Fold Stretchers

Two-fold pole stretchers are ideal for use in situations demanding a quick and safe evacuation of a patient but where the stretcher is required to be carried or transported in confined areas.

  • Folds both horizontally and vertically for easy portability and storage
  • Two patient securing straps for maximum support come as standard
  • Poles constructed from lightweight aluminium for easy lifting
  • The orange vinyl fabric is impervious to stains and mildew for easy care and maintenance
  • Non slip plastic carrying handles
  • Spreader bars provide additional support
  • Stirrup feet raise the casualty off the ground and aid initial lift
  • Includes carrying bag.

Basket Stretchers

Rigid and lightweight with raised sides designed to allow a patient to be carried, lifted or dragged through demanding terrain with potentially confined spaces and/or large obstacles, such as building sites, quarries, mines, wooded areas, cliffs, coves and rivers. Basket stretchers include integrated multi-point straps to keep the patient secure in additional to numerous hand holes or rope points to allow for maximum evacuation flexibility and patient comfort.


Immobilisation & Splinting

A wide range of equipment designed to limit patient movement during transfer to limit further injury. Immobilisation collars and head immobilisers are designed specifically to prevent neck and spinal injury when patients have been involved in serious trauma incidents.

In addition our selection of frac immobilisers and vacuum splints provide patient stability to limbs where fractures are suspected and help to prevent further tissue and nerve damage during patient transfer. Limiting movement also helps to significantly reduce pain and suffering for the patient.

Why Kays Medical?

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