Reduce staff sickness during the winter season with the Quadrivalent Vaccine jab from Kays Medical.

Find out how Kays Medical can protect your workforce and business with Flu Vaccines.


Influenza or Flu can have a damaging effect on the productivity and profitability of UK businesses. Employees can be absent from work for an extended period of time during the key trading times during the winter months. Vaccinations save the economy up to £28.9m in averted sick day costs, as well as in an increase in productivity at work. The smallest slump in productivity can translate into a significant loss of revenue and missed budgets or orders, it, therefore, makes sense to take proactive steps to protect your workforce throughout the winter and beyond.

Influenza is a respiratory illness, much like a cold, it can be far more serious to the employee. Employees affected by this awful virus risk been bed-bound for at least two weeks.


Many companies offer their employees free on-site flu vaccinations and if your company is one of those offering the vaccination, you should take full advantage of it while it’s on offer.

Flu vaccinations only take a few minutes out of your day and are completely painless. In the vast majority of cases, there are no side-effects from having a flu jab. You can be back doing your job within minutes knowing that you are now protected against one of the most common deadly diseases.

Risks of not offering Flu Vaccinations to your employees

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    10% of your workforce may get ill
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    Flu can last up to two weeks
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    Loss of productivity will impact seriously on your bottom line
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    Employees may feel pressurised to return to work still fatigued and pass it on to other members of staff

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A. No. Flu vaccines are decided upon each year by The World Health Organisation which examines influenza epidemics globally and then decides what the vaccine will contain. Influenza vaccines only protect you for six months and is intended to cover the highest risk stage.

A. No. It is not possible to catch flu from the vaccine. The incubation period for influenza is 10-14 days, if you have symptoms after the injection, it is either a mild reaction to the vaccination or you already had flu.

A. Yes. Vaccinating your workforce is one of the most cost effective ways of protecting them from a major flu virus outbreak; it also demonstrates that you are a responsible employer who looks after your employees.

A. The best time to have a flu vaccine is in the autumn, from the beginning of October to the end of November. If you’ve missed this time, you can have the flu vaccine later in the winter although it’s best to get it earlier.

A. Vaccination prevents healthcare workers passing flu on to, or getting flu from, their patients. It also helps the NHS to keep running effectively during a flu outbreak, when GP’s and hospital services are particularly busy.


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