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Occupational Health Manchester

Kays can provide bespoke occupational health services for businesses and organisations in Manchester.

Kays Medical offer occupational health services for businesses and organisations in Manchester and the surrounding areas. We help to protect and nurture the relationship between health and work in your business. With over 45 years of experience in OH & S services, we have the know-how you need to create a healthier workspace. Whether it's through occupational health services, safety and administration services or you have a single site, SME or multiple site operation in Manchester, Kays can help provide a bespoke OH presence.

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Occupational Health Services In Manchester

Kays are here to help your business flourish with expert occupational health services in Manchester. Health and work can’t function well without the other, which is why our services help this relationship blossom. We can help your staff feel valued and healthy whenever they come into work, and we can help your business function more healthily as well. Our team of OH professionals offer a range of unique services in Manchester and nationwide that can help your employees and business achieve the best possible results.

At Kays, we know that every business has different occupational health needs. So, with us, you can pick the occupational health services you need for your organisation in Manchester. We can also deliver our OH services across the nation, perfect for if you have multiple sites. Our team can deploy our occupational health services online, over the telephone or face to face in Manchester depending on what’s best for you. Pick the OH services you want from our range to tailor them to your needs!

Let us work with you either on an ad-hoc basis or a retainer. By working with us ad-hoc, you can get our OH & S help when you need it, helping you react to changing needs. However, through our retainer option, you can make Kays your permanent partner in health and wellbeing. Our occupational health services cover your Manchester business across all issues, and we can help your staff feel more satisfied with their work and their health. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help!


What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health, or OH, comprises a range of services which are designed for the workplace. Our OH services at Kays make sure your employees feel valued at work and improves the relationship between health and productivity. At Kays, we can help your business with issues such as staff retention, business streamlining and employee relations, all in a bespoke OH plan.

Why Should You Consider Occupational Health Services?

Kays’s occupational health services help your Manchester business take care of your most prized asset – your staff. We make sure the employees that work for you are in the best place to give their best for your organisation. With 45 years of experience, we understand what makes an employee healthy. So, you can rely on us to appropriately manage health and wellbeing to create a productive workspace.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Occupational Health?

At Kays, we believe there’s no end to the benefits of our occupational health services in Manchester. We can help with OH services such as:

  • Ensuring health and safety legislation compliance
  • Providing hazard and risk management
  • Increasing staff productivity
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Saving costs and streamlining spending
  • Improving the happiness and satisfaction of your staff

Our bespoke OH plans only covers the services you need, too, meaning you get the best value for your organisation.

How Are Kays’ Occupational Health Services Delivered?

At Kays, we know offering OH services is one thing. However, it’s in how we deliver them that we offer value for your business. We can deploy our occupational health services worldwide, and not just in Manchester. Our extensive team can help you manage multiple sites too. We deliver OH & S services through:

  • Face to face consultations
  • Telephone calls
  • Mobile screening units
  • Online appointments


Who Delivers Kays Services?

Kays has an incredible team of occupational health professionals for your Manchester business. We can provide specialised doctors and nurses, counsellors and psychologists and other experts in fields like ergonomics and hygeine. However, we can expand our team for you – we can work with the NHS and private healthcare providers to find specialists for any OH needs!

How can you help my business respond to COVID-19?

When you choose Kays as the occupational health partners of your business in Manchester, you’ll be ready for anything. As a result, you can deal with any challenge, including those posed by COVID-19. We’ve extended our services to cover COVID-related issues, including workforce screening, antigen tests, long COVID-19 medicals and helping employees return to the workplace.

Kays Medical Occupational Health Services Overview

While we've been working for a long time, we aren't stuck in the past. We've adapted all of our occupational health services to the modern needs of businesses in Manchester, and we always stay on the pulse of changing circumstances. If you need any specialised OH services, our team can find new ways to help you with it. From the moment you get in touch with Kays, our expert team can help you with a range of occupational health services in Manchester, including and not limited to:

  • On placement screening
  • Health surveillance
  • Absence management
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Ill-health retirement medicals
  • Vaccination & immunisation
  • Specialist services
  • Drug & alcohol tests
  • Pregnancy at work risk assessments
  • COVID-19 tailored services
OH & S

Occupational Health Assessment

With Kays, you can work with occupational health service providers that care in Manchester. Our team always puts health first, whether that’s protecting your employees from COVID-19 or protecting your business from high insurance premiums. With 45 years of experience in helping businesses stay healthy and productive, we’re a team you can trust for your needs. Not only that, we can offer our OH services on an ad-hoc basis or on retainer to suit you.

If you’d like to speak to Kays about having an occupational health assessment for your business in Manchester, then get in touch today! You can also give our friendly team a call on 0843 504 8147 to speak to our experts about your bespoke OH & S needs.


Please note, all of our calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

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