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    Accutrend Plus Glucose & Cholesterol

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    Accutrend Plus is a flexible, hand-held, point-of-care device for the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and lactate. The device is designed to be used outside the lab in the physician’s office and in the hospital, as well as for self-measurement at home or when playing sports. Results are provided directly from capillary blood.

    Tests for:


    Accutrend Plus Test Strip Technology

    Accutrend Plus uses specially designed Accutrend Glucose, Accutrend Cholesterol, Accutrend Triglycerides and BM-Lactate superior quality test strips. The test strips contain:

    Yellow protective mesh, impregnated with a surfactant
    Glass fiber fleece that works as a separating layer for blood cells
    Reaction film in which the colour formation takes place
    Bar code on the reverse side, which is read by the meter to confirm test strip identity

    Accutrend Plus System Benefits

    Fast, reliable results – helps healthcare provider make accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment decisions
    Portability – lightweight, ergonomic design makes meter easy to handle and operate
    Large display – easy-to-read screen helps user view results and interpret them accurately
    Onboard QC – built-in performance quality control testing uses multiple checks to ensure accurate and reliable results
    Positive strip lot ID – positive identification of strip lot and code parameters helps ensure accurate results and proper system performance
    Enhanced memory – meter stores up to 100 results for each test parameter (glucose and cholesterol)


    • Accutrend Plus meter
    • Carry Case
    • Glucose & cholesterol test strips (25 of each)
    • Glucose & cholesterol control solutions
    • Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus Lancets (200)



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