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Kays Medical

BD Vacutainer 23G – 30cm Tube with Luer Adapter (50)

£65.92 + VAT

Lead time: 1 days

Sku: 367288


£65.92 + VAT

<P> Provides immediate protection against needlestick injury.<BR> In-vein activation reduces the risk of exposure to a contaminated needle.<BR> Easy activation without additional patient discomfort.<BR> Ideal for use in high-risk environments.<BR> Allows for easy activation of the safety mechanism while attending to the patient/venipuncture site.<BR> Intended for blood collection and short-term infusion.<BR> Blood flashback is seen clearly through the translucent body.<BR><BR> Sleeve does not contain latex<BR> Wing does not contain DEHP<BR> Color: Light Blue<BR> latex free<BR> Sterile</P>