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Celox Haemostatic Gauze (5 foot Z-fold)

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£52.20 + VAT

Celox Haemostatic Gauze is a highly effective emergency treatment for life-threatening blood loss. Able to stop even the most severe arterial bleeds, Celox gauze’s effectiveness at saving lives in instances of severe trauma has been proven on the battlefield and Celox gauze is used by several NATO militaries.

Coated with Celox granules, the gauze is designed to be packed directly into the wound and then held with pressure for 3 minutes whilst the granules react with the blood to form an effective clot. Working independently of the body’s natural clotting process, Celox can clot hypothermic and anti-coagulated blood (containing Heparin or Warfarin). Suitable for major trauma caused by road traffic accidents, gunshots, knife attacks and explosions, Celox Gauze is the ideal first aid product for professional emergency services, security services, high-risk workplaces and high-profile locations.

• Effective trauma care for preventing death by blood loss
• Used on the battlefield by western military forces
• Stops bleeds in 3 minutes
• Clots blood quickly and effectively, even when hypothermic or containing blood-thinning drugs
• Celox granules react without producing heat and are non-toxic


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