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Powerheart G5 AED with ICPR – Semi-Automatic

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£1,695.00 £995.00 + VAT

Powerheart G5 AED with CPR Feedback – Semi-Automatic

The Powerheart G5 has really powerful capabilities and is the first AED that combines fully/semi-automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, fast shock times and CPR feedback. This allows lay responders and rescue professionals to administer therapy as efficiently and effectively as possible to those who are suffering a sudden cardiac arrest giving them the best chance of survival. Users of any ability can use this device as it provides help and guidance on each critical step via voice and text prompts, as well as real-time instructions.

  • Semi-automatic shock function which means users will be prompted to press a button to deliver a shock to a patient at the right time.
  • Post-CPR shock delivered in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Strong and durable design makes it protected against rough treatment.
  • Meets the rigorous military standards for shock, vibration and drop testing.
  • Smaller and lighter than previous models.
  • Robust IP55 rated high ingress protection against dust and water means it can perform in even the harshest and most challenging environment.
  • Rescue ready technology means it self-checks all main AED components including the battery, hardware and software every day.
  • A partial charge of the high voltage electrics is completed by the AED weekly, and a full and complete charge is done monthly.
  • The Rescue Ready indicator is highly visible so responders know they are taking a working AED. LED indicator also shows the remaining battery life.
  • Includes a medical-grade battery with a 4-year full operational guarantee.
  • It is easy to use for responders of all levels.
  • The real-time CPR feedback gives rescuers specific guidance on compression depth and rate as recommended by the 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines, so they know exactly what to do and when.
  • It has interchangeable pads to simplify placement. Paediatric pads available and recognised so it delivers a reduced energy shock.
  • Very user-friendly and customisable to every person. User-paced prompt function RescueCoach can guide users through each and every step of a rescue with text prompts available to provide extra help in noisy and chaotic environments.
  • Dual language. Alternative languages can also be selected with the push of a button, to help more potential responders these include, English, Latin American, Spanish or French.
  • Delivers customised shocks at an appropriate level by assessing the patient’s needs, can be used for adults and children. Therapy range: adult 95J to 354J and paediatric 22J to 82J.
  • Can be easily updated if Resuscitation Guidelines change.
  • Internal Memory stores 90 minutes of rescue data with a multiple rescue functionality.
  • ECG and rescue review viewable through AED Manager reporting and configuration software. Transfer and review data via USB.
  • 8-year AED warranty included.


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