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Response Sharps Handling Kit with Medium Stichstop Gloves

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£385.78 + VAT


The RESPONSE sharps kit range reduces the risk of cross infection / cross contamination when dealing with potentially hazardous task of handling and disposing of sharps which may be contaminated with biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.

Sharps such as: contaminated needles and syringes, knives, blades and broken glass can puncture the skin and act as a vehicle for the transmission of  harmful micro-organisms.

The kit contains Response sharps handling forceps with  a unique interlocking mechanism providing extra stability when picking up needles, reducing the risk of the needle slipping. Also designed with a grooved tip, enabling the user to directly pick up not only the body of a syringe but also a loose needle.

The only sharps handling kit to include a 1 application sharps disposal container so there is no need to store dirty needles until the container is full; as you may do with a larger bin. It is also safer and easier to send a needle off for testing should a needle stick injury occur.

Carrying Case
Stichstop Gloves Medium (Pair)
Spare Outer Liners (Pair)
Dermatril Gloves (Pair) (L) x 5
Sharps Disposal Container (0.6 Ltr)
Sharps Disposal Container (0.1 Ltr)
Disinfectant Spray (50Ml) x 2
Disinfectant Wipe x 10
Polypropylene Forceps x 4
Stainless Steel Forceps
Safe Hand


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