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Kays Medical

SAD Light Desk Lamp

£190.50 + VAT

Lead time: 2 days

Sku: DL001


£190.50 + VAT

Stylish alternative to the traditional lightbox design.<BR> High-contrast light with adjustable neck for reading and focused tasks.<BR> Recommended treatment time with soft light: 60 minutes.&nbsp;<BR> Can be switched on all day, or make up your recommended session by dipping in throughout the day.<BR> 96 white LEDs, blue-enriched in the part of the spectrum known for regulating your body clock.<BR> Touch-control lighting offering four light levels.<BR> Removable diffuser brings treatment time down to 30 minutes.<BR> Flexible neck.<BR> Light output: 10,000 lux at 22cm.<BR> Height:&nbsp;55 cm.<BR> Width:&nbsp;29 cm.&nbsp;<BR> Depth:&nbsp;14cm.<BR> Base: 20 x 20 cm.<BR> Weight: 1.7 kg.