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Sam Sling – Pelvic – Orange And Blue – 81-127cm

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£60.30 + VAT


For stabilization of pelvic fractures with the correct force. 
Programmed to stop pull once the correct compression force has been obtained.
One Piece Design -no detachable hardware.
More compact, easy to use (only three steps) and quick to apply (usually in less than one minute). 
Gives clear feedback by sound and feel to confirm correct application.
Durable – not affected by extremes of moisture, temperature or by exposure to hard or sharp objects. 
Radiolucent (allowing for X-rays without removal).
MRI safe and cleans for re-use with common detergents or anti-microbial solutions.
Front of Sling is narrow and tapered to facilitate urinary catheterization, interventional radiology, external fixation and abdominal surgery.
Velcro on strap and sling for quick and easy fastening.
Every sling is tested for quality.