Plasters & Dressings Strips

Sizeable selection of high quality first aid dressings, tapes, plasters and bandages. Covering all major dressings types and sizes to provide effective treatment for the broadest range of wound types.

  • Plasters

    Our comprehensive range of shapes and sizes of plasters and dressing strips are high quality, sterile and individually wrapped with excellent hypoallergenic adhesive qualities. All plasters and dressings strips are available in fabric, washproof and blue detectable variants.

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  • Tubular Bandages

    Supportive, comfortable elasticated tubular bandages – ideal treatment for soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, dislocations and sprains. Gives even radial support and pressure for weakened joints and muscles, also aiding rehabilitation after the removal of plaster of paris casts. It remains in place without tying or tapes. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit all parts of the body.

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  • Ambulance Dressings

    Highly absorbent wound dressings for severe blood loss injuries. Ambulance Dressings are perfect on severe wounds where heavy blood loss occurs. Sterile, flow wrapped Ambulance Dressings have a pad with bandage designed for use on wounds by first aiders, paramedics and the emergency services. Ambulance Dressings have a thicker, more absorbent pad which can be used on deep wound injuries.

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  • HSE Dressing

    Sterile dressing with conforming stretch bandage, ideal for almost all first aid emergencies. HSE compliant, they are perfect for refilling all HSE first aid kits. Include an attached, sterile, non-adherent pad to place over the wound and, a long conforming bandage to secure the bandage in place.

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  • Compressed Dressing

    High quality, highly absorbent, thick cotton wound pad.The comfortable attached bandage is both easy to use and gentle on the skin whilst holding the wound pad firmly in place. Originally designed for use in mines, compressed dressings are ideal for use where space is limited, a cotton dressing is secured by a cotton bandage.

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  • Burn Dressing

    Appropriate first aid treatment for burns and scalds must be administered as swiftly as possible to limit damage to the skin. Kays Medical offer a large selection of burn dressings designed specifically for easy and rapid administration. These include:

    • Burn Dressings & Gel
    • Burnshield Dressings & Hydrogel
    • Water-Jel Dressings & Jel

    All burn dressings are available in multiple sizes designed to accommodate a range of burn/scald locations; offering rapid cooling, pain relief and help prevent contamination.

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  • Why Kays Medical?

    • Over 100,000 people trained

    • Provider of Ofqual accredited training

    • From our state-of-the-art training centre we can provide comprehensive training for individuals and groups

    • We will design bespoke courses to suit your specific needs

    • We offer courses at all levels from basic to advanced

    • ISO 9001:2008 quality standard accreditation

  • Do I need training?

    Efficient provision of first aid and in particular for life saving scenarios requires effective first aid training. We have a wide range of courses available at our training centre or we can arrange group courses at your premises nationwide.

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