Sharps Handling Kits

For the safest approach to handling and disposing of contaminated sharps such as syringes and broken glass choose RESPONSE® products, systems and training.

  • Sharps Disposal Kits

    Mainly for use in clinical environments where the use of needles is routine, sharps disposal kits are designed to reduce injury and potential serious infection caused by mishandling of discarded needles and syringes. Not limited to clinical environments however, effective sharps handling and disposal is just as important for dealing with broken windows, bottles and other sharps particularly if contaminated with human blood.

    The aim of the RESPONSE® sharps handling system is to remove the need for direct interaction with the potentially contaminated sharp object and provide an effective means to neutralise the hazard prior to disposal. A range of sharps kits are available from single application, suitable for dealing with isolated incidents involving a single syringe to large handling kits which include heavy duty gloves, trigger operated safe hand and larger sharps containers; suitable for larger incidents involving multiple contaminated objects.

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  • Biohazard Disposal Kits

    Biohazard (or combined) kits offer both body fluid cleanup and sharps disposal equipment in a single product. Designed for environments experiencing a range of incidents which necessitate either protocol. Typically combination kits are useful in elderly and/or mental health care facilities, HM prisons and youth offenders institutes – such environments require maximum flexibility in biohazard handling in addition to the highest standards of safety given the potential for greater risk factors.

    Microorganisms may be spread by contact with body fluids of an infected person via a puncture to the skin from contaminated sharps, such as needles, syringes, knives, blades and broken glass. In situations where violent protest and/or vandalism may occur (e.g. custody situations) it is vital to have a broad biohazard response mechanism in place to safeguard the health and safety of employees.

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  • Body Fluid Handling & Disposal

    Does your workforce come in to contact with potentially harmful human waste such as blood, vomit, urine and faeces? If the answer is yes, reduce their risk of infection with our RESPONSE® clean up kits and super absorbent powders.

    RESPONSE® is the UK leader in the development of products, systems and training for the safe and efficient cleanup and disposal of potentially harmful human waste. Using a RESPONSE® body fluid cleanup kit in the correct manner will greatly reduce the chances of cross contamination and infection from such incidents.

    Body Fluid Handling & Disposal