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  • Cedderoth Holster for Eye Wash Pocket Model

    £5.38 + VAT
    Green nylon holster, with belt loop. The holster enables a bottle of Cederroth Eye Wash Pocket Model (235ml) to be carried easily on your belt.        Dimensions (HxWxD): 16cm 8cm x 4.5 cm
  • Cederroth Breathing Mask in Key Fob

    £5.43 + VAT
    Cederroth breathing mask in convenient key fob. An aid for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It limits contact between the first-aider and the casualty.Breathing mask with one-way-valve, with clear instructions printed on the cloth.
  • Cederroth Buffered Eye Wash – 500ml (2)

    £30.42 + VAT
    Functional design for effective flushingAn easy-to-use bottle with an ergonomic eye cup and a generous flow of fluid.Quick and easy to openCederroth Eye Wash is opened in one simple operation. Simply twist the bottle to open it!PositioningCederroth Eye Wash can...
  • Cederroth Buffered Eye Wash – 500ml (5) in Portable Case

    £130.99 + VAT
    Cederroth Eye Wash (5 bottles x 500ml) in portable thermoset plastic case with handle and transparent lid. Convenient for mobile working or during transportation to medical attention.Can be hung on the wall using an optional bracket.Functional design for effective flushingAn...
  • Cederroth Eye Wash Pocket Model – 235ml

    £13.48 + VAT
    A pocket-size personal Cederroth eye wash bottle that can be kept conveniently in your pocket or the holster that goes with it. This makes it available immediately in the event of an accident.Small, easy-to-use bottle with an ergonomic eye cup...
  • Cederroth Eye Wash Station with Salvequick Plaster Dispenser

    £135.03 + VAT
    The Cederroth Eye Wash Station has been designed to allow you to help out as quickly as possible. The station has space for two bottles which open automatically when you twist them out of their holders. A transparent door with...
  • Cederroth First Aid Station

    £182.32 + VAT
    The Cederroth First Aid Station is a completely new product that replaces the First Aid Panel. Cederroth have developed a number of new features and improvements, following requests from customers. The new station is more hygienic and is better adapted...
  • Cederroth Large Bloodstopper

    £6.40 + VAT
    The Cederroth 4-in-1 Bloodstopper is a sterile universal dressing with four different functions:1. Pressure pad for heavy bleeding2. Protective dressing for superficial wounds3. Burn dressing with special wound-protecting surface4. Temporary support dressingIts versatility means the Bloodstopper replaces traditional first aid...
  • Cederroth Metal First Aid Cabinet

    £311.62 + VAT
    The Cederroth First Aid Cabinet with double door is specially designed for workplaces with dirty environments, dust, moisture, etc. Suitable for places that justify more extensive first aid equipment.Product advantages Well organised Robust Well equippedThe Cederroth First Aid cabinet has...
  • Cederroth Mini Bloodstopper

    £2.93 + VAT
    The Cederroth 4-in-1 mini Bloodstopper is a small and convenient sterile first aid dressing especially suitable for injuries to fingers and toes.Contents: Pad – 8cm x 12cm (1) Disposable Elastic Bandage – 6cm x 3m (1)
  • Cederroth Mini First Aid Panel

    £50.35 + VAT
    With Cederroth First Aid panels you always have the essential aids at the scene, with clear, easy to understand instructions printed directly on the packaging.Product advantages: Well organised Well prepared Easy to refillThe Mini First Aid Panel is a small...
  • Cederroth Mouth to Mouth Mask

    £4.83 + VAT
    The Cederroth Breathing Mask is an aid in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It limits contact between the first-aider and the casualty. The Breathing Mask consists of a plastic cloth with a one-way-valve. Clear instructions are printed on the cloth.Clear instructions on the...