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  • Ferno Mk1 Mobyle Carry Chair – 2 Wheels

    £186.92 + VAT
    Ferno Mobyle Mk1 Chair.These practical, comfortable carrying chairs serve the demanding requirements of the emergency services and are widely used by professionals in other areas, such as Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Clinics, Sports/Leisure Establishments and various types of industry.Ideally suited for...
  • Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher – Standard

    £662.77 + VAT
    Ideal for moving a casualty safely in almost any rescue situation. Providing full body protection, Ferno’s baskets can be dragged, carried or lifted across rough or muddy terrain – horizontally or vertically – without affecting the patient’s well being. –...
  • Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher Quick Release Restraints

    £22.55 + VAT
    Quick release restraints for use with the Ferno Model 71 basket stretcher.
  • Ferno Vacuum Splint Kit (inc. Short Arm, Long Arm, Leg, Pump & Repair Kit)

    £333.34 + VAT
    Ingenious, durable and the ultimate in patient stability these splints are suitable for X-rays and provide the necessary comfort required before treatment.Features New, improved valve and more robust. Fully welded without any open seams or textiles, making hygienic cleaning easy....
  • Paraguard 4 Point Lifting Sling

    £122.19 + VAT
    Four point lifting sling for the Paraguard Excel stretcher, which attaches with lightweight karabiners, enabling easier horizontal lifting.
  • Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

    £1,515.41 + VAT
    Perfect for use underground, in confined spaces and high buildings.The approved design of worldwide authorities, including NATO, this compact and versatile stretcher can be used for both horizontal and vertical lifting – making it ideal for search and rescue operations...
  • Saver Evacuation Chair

    £656.25 + VAT
    This chair is the total solution for any emergency evacuation situation, it glides down stairs easily and smoothly to ensure no heavy lifting or manual handling is required. Improves operator control and comfort with lower, adjustable easy-grip handle. Seat attached...