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  • Bag for Standard Neil Robertson Stretcher

    £54.11 + VAT
    Carry bag with handles for Neil Robertson stretcher.
  • Ferno Basket Stretcher – Split

    £819.39 + VAT
    <P>Basket stretchers are ideally suited to moving or rescuing an injured person from a building site, quarry, mine or other situation.</P><P>The basket can be dragged, carried or lifted across rough or muddy terrain without affecting the patient’s well being. Ours...
  • Ferno Compact 1-Decontamination Chair

    £482.42 + VAT
    <P>The Decon chair ensures a patient adopts a comfortable seated position during decontamination.</P><P>Specially designed for the comfortable evacuation of patients who may be contaminated as well as injured, this proven chair is ideal to<BR>transport patients away from various hazardous environments.</P><P>...
  • Ferno Disposable Body Bag – White

    £23.75 + VAT
    Ferno Disposable Pouches are made of electronically-sealed vinyl, these pouches will not leak, deteriorate or mildew during lengthy storage periods – and their robust construction resists abrasions, acid, formaldehyde and blood stains.Benefits Not affected by extremes of temperature.Specification Length 3210mmWidth...
  • Ferno Frac Straps and Padding (5 Straps)

    £57.52 + VAT
    <P>Frac-Straps are a well proven and efficient method of strapping damaged limbs, helping prevent further injury prior to hospital treatment and may be left in place throughout X-ray procedures, minimising patient discomfort.</P><P>Frac-Straps are easy to use and can support suspected...
  • Ferno Millennia Backboard

    £336.87 + VAT
    The Millennia Backboard is made from lightweight, foam-filled ABS plastic, these secure non-slip boards are X-ray translucent and have slick surfaces for easy patient transfer.Features Manufactured from a lightweight material Easy-clean plastic finish Supplied complete with four speed clip patient...
  • Ferno Mk1 Mobyle Carry Chair – 2 Wheels

    £186.92 + VAT
    <P>Ferno Mobyle Mk1 Chair.</P><P>These practical, comfortable carrying chairs serve the demanding requirements of the emergency services and are widely used by professionals in other areas, such as Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Clinics, Sports/Leisure Establishments and various types of industry.</P><P>Ideally suited for...
  • Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher – Standard

    £662.77 + VAT
    Ideal for moving a casualty safely in almost any rescue situation. Providing full body protection, Ferno’s baskets can be dragged, carried or lifted across rough or muddy terrain – horizontally or vertically – without affecting the patient’s well being. –...
  • Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher Quick Release Restraints

    £22.55 + VAT
    Quick release restraints for use with the Ferno Model 71 basket stretcher.
  • Ferno Paraguard Foul Weather Sheet

    £82.16 + VAT
    FERNO Paraguard Foul weather Sheet is an accessory to the FERNO Paraguard Excel Stretcher.Foul weather sheet protects the casualty in adverse weather conditions.
  • Ferno Vacuum Splint Kit (inc. Short Arm, Long Arm, Leg, Pump & Repair Kit)

    £333.34 + VAT
    Ingenious, durable and the ultimate in patient stability these splints are suitable for X-rays and provide the necessary comfort required before treatment.Features New, improved valve and more robust. Fully welded without any open seams or textiles, making hygienic cleaning easy....
  • Frac Immobiliser 340mm – Child – 2 Strap

    £34.14 + VAT
    <P>Frac-Immobilisers are a simple method of splinting and immobilising suspected limb fractures while helping to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissue. Can remain in place during X-rays.</P><P> A choice of three sizes, each Frac-Immobiliser can accommodate a splint...