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Kays Medical are complete occupational health providers and one of the UK’s largest and most trusted independent suppliers of first aid, medical supplies, emergency response equipment and Ofqual regulated training. We’ve been protecting the UK workforces since 1976, and we’re here to help you.

With a catalogue of more than 10,000 products and services, ranging from workplace assessments and psychological health support to first aid kits and defibrillators, Kays Medical can improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce, helping you to protect your most valuable resource – your people.

Occupational Health Specialist

Kays Medical have over 40 years’ experience protecting the UK workforces and businesses like yours with our range of medical supplies, training courses and occupational health services.

In 1976, Kays Medical started out as an independent pharmacy based in Liverpool. In fact, while our business has grown beyond this and our range of products and services has increased significantly, we still operate three pharmacies to this day.

In the 1980s, our capabilities expanded into first aid training provision and mobility equipment, as a result of demand for this within our local pharmacies. As our commercial customer base continued to grow, we increasingly focused on the emerging industry of occupational health. Our expertise allowed us to offer all manner of medical equipment and supplies for OH nurses and providers nationwide.

We proudly became the UK’s leading provider as we adopted our slogan: “The Occupational Health Specialist.”

Market-Leading Medical Supplier

As our experience grew, so too did the medical equipment and supplies side of the business. We were able to offer an ever-increasing range of first aid kits and consumables, tailored to the countless different industries we served. We then moved into more specialist areas of first aid, such as chemical decontamination of hydrofluoric acid first aid. Our product offering continues to grow to this day, covering basic workplace first aid kits through to highly specialised emergency response and evacuation equipment.

In 2008 we acquired Response®, the UK’s leading provider of products, systems and training for biohazard decontamination, covering bodily fluid cleanup and sharps handling. As part of the acquisition of Response® we also exclusively own and manufacture ResponseBeta®, a high-performance biocidal disinfectant capable of killing a large number of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and spores. It is with these two market-leading brands we have become recognised as a leading provider of products and training for customers who must routinely deal with body fluids or potentially contaminated sharps.

In 2010 we acquired Aberdeen based DM Wood Medical, one the UK’s most trusted independent first aid and medical suppliers to offshore oil, gas and maritime industries. Through this partnership, Kays Medical have become a visible brand in the provision of time-critical product delivery for offshore drilling platforms and related industries.

More recently we have been expanding our commercial partnerships to offer our customers exclusive product lines for wider choice and better value. This has allowed us to become the leading distributors of Diphoterine® & Hexafluorine®, Cardiac Science®, Smith & Nephew, C-Gel, Care Plus®, Response®, ResponseBeta® and Blue Lion.

More Ways to Protect Your Workforce

We have undergone significant transformation within the last few years, overhauling our brand, improving our customer engagement channels and more recently implementing a significant expansion of our nationwide sales team. All this by way of positioning ourselves as the UK leader in our space and maximising the value we can deliver to our customers.

Our occupational health services are tailored to all kinds of organisations and workplaces, from SMEs to multiple site operations. The Kays Medical team includes experts in countless aspects of OH, including psychological health, physiotherapy, vaccination services, as well as wellbeing and lifestyle health interventions, to ensure your business’ needs are covered and your workforce is protected.

Additionally, our learning and development resources are available and easily accessible to keep you and your workforce informed about how to respond to a wide range of everyday and emergency situations, including health and safety, oxygen administration, and physical and mental health first aid. To suit your business’ unique needs, we’re able to offer bespoke courses tailored to you. With our innovative e-learning platform, you can upskill your team in a wide range of areas, including health and safety, social care and key business skills.

Alongside first aid supplies, we provide comprehensive first aid training for workforces across the UK. We work to ensure businesses are prepared to face all kinds of scenarios. This means that they not only have the supplies they need but the understanding and knowledge to use them effectively when it matters most. That’s why our first aid training courses are so important, and why Kays Medical are trusted as a leading provider of this valuable service.

The best way for organisations to succeed is by nurturing and investing in the growth of its individuals. Now more than ever, it’s vital to choose the right HR services to protect your workforce and drive towards success. Our latest HR offerings are tailored to suit your business and will take into account the ever-shifting landscape of the economic world. We’re here to assist you with both consultancy and retained services, specialising in redundancy and restructuring as well as COVID-19 response to meet all your HR needs.

Partnerships Across the UK

Kays Medical’s products and services are in high demand among the most trusted and successful businesses across the UK, and we’re proud to protect workforces across all industries, with unique needs and specifications.

Our simple yet highly effective approach means that if we can help, we will. From retail and leisure to manufacturing and aviation, Kays Medical is a name that businesses and workforces know they can rely on. We’re trusted by the NHS to provide the medical supplies, products and PPE they need to protect this country and its people.

At Kays Medical, we’ve been protecting the UK workforces and businesses like yours for over 40 years, and we will continue to provide and expand upon our specialisations for many years to come. You can rest assured that no matter what you need, from medical supplies and equipment to occupational health support and development resources, we’re here to help.

Now you know all about us, we would love to find out more about you and the ways in which Kays Medical can support your workforce. To let us know how we can help or to find out more about what we offer, we welcome you to get in touch with our friendly and professional team.