Kays Medical


With over 40 years’ experience, we are one of the UK’s largest independent trade suppliers of first aid, medical supplies and emergency response. We have been supplying organisations with the products to protect their most valuable resource – their people, and we will continue to do so to the very best of our ability.

Kays Medical was founded 40 years ago, originally as an independent pharmacy based in Liverpool. In fact we still operate three pharmacies to this day but our business has grown significantly beyond this.

During the 1980s we expanded into first aid training provision as well as mobility equipment which was born from demand within our local pharmacies. As our commercial customer numbers grew we increasingly focused on the emerging industry of occupational health, and in fact became the UK’s leading specialist supplier, offering all manner of medical equipment and supplies for OH nurses and providers nationwide. This development led to our adoption of the slogan ‘The Occupational Health Specialist’ as we built a formidable reputation within our chosen field.

Along with the growth of the medical equipment and supplies side of our business we began offering first aid kits and consumables, tailoring these to the various industries we found ourselves serving, and in time started moving into more specialist areas of first aid such as chemical decontamination and hydrofluoric acid first aid. This has steadily grown to occupy a significant portion of our product offering covering basic workplace first aid kits through to highly specialised emergency response and evacuation equipment.

In 2008 we acquired RESPONSE®, the UK’s leading provider of products, systems and training for biohazard decontamination, covering body fluid cleanup and sharps handling. As part of the acquisition of RESPONSE® we also exclusively own and manufacturer Responsebeta®, a high performance biocidal disinfectant capable of killing a large number of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and spores. It is with these two market leading brands we have become recognised as a leading provider of products and training for customers who must routinely deal with body fluids or potentially contaminated sharps.

In 2010 we acquired Aberdeen based DM Wood Medical, one the UK’s most trusted independent first aid and medical suppliers to offshore oil, gas and maritime industries. Through this partnership, Kays Medical have become a visible brand in the provision of time critical product delivery for offshore drilling platforms and related industries.

More recently we have been expanding our commercial partnerships to leverage exclusive product lines and offer wider choice and better value to our customers, which has allowed us to become the leading distributors of Heine, MDF, Diphoterine & Hexafluorine, Cardiac Science, Smith & Nephew, Care Plus, RESPONSE®, Responsebeta® and Blue Lion.

We have undergone significant transformation within the last few years, overhauling our brand, improving our customer engagement channels and more recently implementing a significant expansion of our nationwide sales team. All this by way of positioning ourselves as the UK leader in our space and maximising the value we can deliver to our customers.