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Kays Medical is one of the UK’s leading suppliers, and manufacturers, of chemical decontamination for emergency response. We are the proud the manufacturers of C-Gel, a high performance calcium gluconate gel that combines with, and neutralises, the fluoride ion present in hydrofluoric acid (HF), helping to prevent pain and tissue damage caused by HF acid whilst a patient is in transit to hospital. Bone damage, deep tissue damage and risk of cardiac arrest can be greatly reduced with the immediate application of C-Gel following a hydrofluoric acid burn.

In addition to C-Gel, we also specialise in Diphoterine®, the advanced chemical decontamination for emergency response treatment of chemical splashes (excluding HF) and Hexaflourine, the emergency response treatment of chemical splashes (including HF) to the skin and eyes.

Diphoterine® and Hexaflourine can also be used to treat thermal burns to the skin after coming into contact with hot chemicals, liquids or objects. These two treatments come in individual chemical and thermal burns kits, as well as a universal chemical and thermal burns kit which provides both solutions to ensure you are prepared for either emergency.

In addition, we supply a range of chemical splash eye wash solutions, chemical splash portable sprays, mural eye & skin wash systems, powders, DAP portable showers and protective boxes.
We understand the urgency of having the right product on site, and making sure it is readily available, in case of a chemical decontamination emergency. If you would like to learn more about any of our chemical decontamination products, or if you would like to discuss your requirements, call our team of specialists on 0843 504 8149.

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