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Occupational Health Services

We provide a wide range of Occupational Health services to all types of organisations. From SMEs to large single sites & multiple site operations, our Occupational Health Services will improve your team’s health & wellbeing, leading to increased productivity and business performance.

What is occupational health?

Occupational health is a specialist branch of workplace medicine that focuses on the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of employee groups in today’s diverse workplaces.

Kays Occupational Health practice team aim:

  • To identify and help prevent both physical and psychological illness caused by work activities. Aspects of service include many different types of intervention from vaccinations to health surveillance, to conducting and advising on health-related risk assessments.
  • To ensure the physical and / or psychological fitness of employees to do their job effectively, particularly specialist or safety critical roles e.g. HGV drivers, pilots, firefighters, train drivers, offshore workers, blue light workers. Activities may also include drug and alcohol testing and new starter health assessments.
  • To help manage both work place and none work place ill health / injury issues effectively. Providing practicable return to work advice for physical and psychological health conditions along with advice regarding appropriate workplace adjustments and safeguards at an individual level.
  • To work with and train managers / employees to recognise and effectively deal with workplace health issues that impact their work environment / organisation / sector.
  • To improve the health and wellbeing of the workforce to the mutual benefit of both employee and employer, by tackling lifestyle related health deficits. Tackling lifestyle related health deficits not only underpins fitness for task, promotes good attendance and performance but equally reduces occupational susceptibility to workplace disease processes both physical and psychological.
  • In some settings to provide on-site health care, especially in high hazard or remote workplaces. This includes appropriate first aid assessment capability and competence, along with the provision of appropriate hard ware and medicines.

Many employers, across a broad range of industries have introduced occupational health into their business and have cited several reasons for doing so, including:

Legal, financial and moral drivers

Kays Occupational Health services are delivered by a range of specialist clinicians and service experts in a collaborative fashion for a diverse and often specialist client base across the UK.

We always look to provide a solution to your employee needs, interfacing with NHS and private health care providers where appropriate, ensuring where possible an end to end health solution or health pathway.

Kays occupational health professionals include specialist / accredited doctors and nurse advisors, health technicians, physiotherapists, ergonomic experts, dieticians, counsellors, psychologists, technicians, occupational hygienists and health & safety expert practitioners.

Specialists engaged in service delivery have a mix of either university level qualification or technical accreditation. This is supported by appropriate society / specialist practice membership. Our competence framework is geared towards effectively recognising, identifying, quantifying and managing / controlling a growing list of workplace / occupational health risk factors in your business, using a risk / evidence-based approach.

Professionals are supported by a dedicated Occupational health service co-ordinating team.

Moreover, our Occupational Health service delivery model is further complimented by the Kays Medical physical and mental health training capability, pharmacy and workplace first aid / emergency response equipment supplies.