blue monday

Beating Blue Monday and Increasing Staff Morale

Jan 2019
Mental Health

With Christmas break over and the Christmas decorations down, January is notorious for being the gloomiest month of the year. This comes to a boil on 21st January, also known as ‘Blue Monday’.

Returning to work after a few days off is very rarely something people look forward to (shocking, I know), but the return from the Christmas break is often the worst for employees. In fact, Blue Monday has been dubbed the most depressing day of the year.

We know that an unhappy workforce means low morale, low productivity and a generally negative atmosphere. Here are just a few things you can do to help your employees beat the January blues and get them feeling good about being back to the daily grind.

Encourage staff to take their breaks

After a week or two off, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a huge workload. Even getting back into the routine of your daily duties can prove to be a challenge. Having your staff take their regular breaks can make it easier on them. It’s important to not only their mood but their mental health. Studies have also shown that those who take regular breaks have increased productivity, so while your employees may think they’ll get more done by working through lunch, this isn’t always the case.

Give credit where it’s due

Without any feedback, it’s easy for employees to feel demotivated. So, if they’re doing a good job, be sure to tell them! Even just a small recognition of the work they’re putting in can make such a massive difference in their mood. Everyone enjoys a compliment, so praising your staff can have a bigger impact than you may realise.

Give your staff something to look forward to

January can feel like a never-ending month, but one of the good things about Blue Monday is that there are then only ten days left! Why not arrange for a staff lunch out the office, or even just order a pizza. There’s no argument that a nice meal will definitely brighten up a dreary January day.

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