The Benefits of Looking After your Staff

Jun 2018

Maintaining a positive workplace is vital to the success of any company. By investing in the people that you employ and creating a comfortable work environment, you can get the best out of your staff. That’s why Aaron Clements, General Manager of Kays Medical has weighed in on how you can employ simple measures.

Here are five simple ideas from Aaron Clements to help you keep a healthy and happy workforce.

  1. Be Alive, Be Alert, Be Healthy

Employee wellbeing can boost engagement. A healthy workforce results in a proactive, productive workforce. By creating active and engaged members of staff the business can benefit from their increased work ethic.

  1. Prevention is Better than Cure

Keeping healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle can result in a healthy immune system; thus avoiding illness. By investing in flu vaccinations every year you can decrease the number of people that may get the flu in the autumn/ winter months thus reducing absenteeism.

Invest in preventive methods for long-term gain.

  1. Create a Culture of Wellness to Increase your Company’s Reputation

Start with a Health & Wellbeing strategy that related to your business. Ask employees what they’d like from the organization from a wellbeing perspective.

Organize five-a-sides or charity runs to make your workforce active. It looks great on social media for other companies to see yours is taking part in activities.

  1. Employee Engagement

Studies show that a healthy and positive workforce has far better engagement. Investing in your staff health can create a better work environment for everyone.

Health profiling, mini health checks or focused health initiatives can lead to improved employee engagement.

  1. Taking Time to Listen to your Staff Needs

Allowing time for employees to manage their physical and mental health when needed, can lead to employees feeling better about their work environment. An employee that feels happy and comfortable coming to work is one that is likely to work harder. This is especially true in customer service environments where the employee’s demeanour reflects that of the company.

Mental Health First Aid is a proven way to support employee Mental Health.

By maintaining a healthy and positive office, your business can benefit when you invest in your staff. If you’d like to learn more about how simple healthcare advice can apply to your office space, contact a member of our team today.

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