When your workforce is at high risk of cross-infection from body fluids such as blood, vomit, faeces
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The risk of cross-infection from body fluids such as blood, vomit, faeces and urine is heightened across certain industries, putting employees at an increased risk of contracting a virus. Preventing the accidental exposure to infectious agents (Biohazard) is critical in all industries.

Facing discarded hypodermic needles, syringes, objects, materials or fluids that may be contaminated with blood and body fluids might be unavoidable for your employees, but ensuring they are protected isn’t.

Suitable precautions must be taken for:

  • Cleaners, First Aiders, Community Care
  • Workers, Council Workers, Custodial
  • Service Workers, Health & Emergency
  • Service Workers and Waste Collection Workers
  • Designated first-aiders in any occupational setting might also be at an increased risk

Cross infection can take place via hand to mouth contact with faeces or with contaminated objects; breathing in aerosols of projectile vomit; contact with blood or other body fluids which may be contaminated with blood; through splashes of blood or other body fluids to eyes, nose and mouth.

It is not always possible to identify people who may spread infection to others, therefore precautions must be followed at all times. All blood and body fluids are potentially infectious and precautions are necessary to prevent exposure to them.

Staff should treat every spillage of body fluid or body waste as quickly as possible and as potentially infectious, regardless of whether they contain visible blood.


Preventing Infection with RESPONSE® and Responsebeta®


With Kays Medical, you get one of the leading suppliers, and manufacturers, of biohazard and infection control in the UK. Our comprehensive range of products includes our RESPONSE® and Responsebeta® products.

RESPONSE® is the UK leader in the development of products, systems and training for the safe and efficient clean-up and disposal of potentially harmful human waste. Using a RESPONSE® body fluid clean-up kit in the correct manner will greatly reduce the chances of cross-contamination and infection from such incidents.

As part of the RESPONSE® body fluid kits, we also supply the RESPONSE® range of high-performance absorbent powders, available in standard and premium versions. The premium powder is a revolutionary formula capable of absorbing and deodorising up to 300 times its own weight.

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Use RESPONSE® Sharp kits for the safest approach to handling and disposing of contaminated sharps such as syringes and broken glass.

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Responsebeta® Disinfectant Cleaner contains no alcohol so is safe for storage and use in sensitive environments (e.g. Prisons & Airlines); it will not release chlorine gas when used on body fluids such as urine or vomit. This high-performance disinfectant cleaner is the ideal infection control and its proven broad spectrum biocidal formula is effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores, including Norovirus.

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Biohazard Training

All of our biohazard training uses the RESPONSE® system, which is proven to offer maximum protection against the risks of infection and ensure the safe removal of infectious waste and equipment.

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