Body Fluid Kits

Body Fluid Kits

For effective prevention of infection and cross contamination when handling body fluids such as blood, vomit and urine; learn about unique products, systems and training from RESPONSE®
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Body Fluid Kits: Body Fluid Handling & Disposal

In any number of situations on a daily basis employees are expected to clear up potentially harmful human waste such as blood, vomit, urine and faeces. Such incidents are not limited to places such as hospitals and care homes but are in fact routine in retail and leisure environments, community centres, day-care, health clinics, sporting arenas and stadia, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, theme parks, caravan and camp sites and cruise ships – the list embracing any location in which large groups of people congregate.

If people are unwell enough to cause such incidents it stands to reason there is a high degree of risk of infection or cross contamination caused when applying poor or inadequate cleaning protocols and/or utilising unsuitable cleaning equipment.

RESPONSE® is the UK leader in the development of products, systems and training for the safe and efficient cleanup and disposal of potentially harmful human waste. Using a RESPONSE® body fluid cleanup kit in the correct manner will greatly reduce the chances of cross contamination and infection from such incidents.

Sharps Handling Kits

Do you need a safe approach to handling and disposing of contaminated sharps such as syringes and broken glass? If so, choose our RESPONSE® Sharps Handling Kits.

Our Sharps Handling Kits are designed to reduce injury and potential serious infection caused by mishandling of discarded needles and syringes

Infection Control

When infection control is paramount choose Responsebeta® Disinfectant – proven broad spectrum biocidal formula effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores, designed with the power of ADVANCED PROTECTION.

RESPONSE® Body Fluid Cleanup Kits

The Response Body Fluid Clean up kit is designed to reduce the risk of cross infection & cross contamination when dealing with body fluid spills such as blood, vomit, faeces and urine.

This kit includes ResponseBeta disinfectant cleaner with its scientifically proven biocidal formula that kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores; is SkinSafe and offers protection for up to 2 hours, along with Response premium super absorbent powder, which comes as standard in all Response kits from Kays. This premium powder is up to ten times as effective as other brands of absorbent powder.

In addition the body fluid cleanup kit includes the RESPONSE® cleanup pack (vinyl gloves, polythene oversleeves, polythene apron, scoop and scrape, dry wipes, biohazard bag, disinfectant wipe) in addition to complete instructions for the safe cleanup of body waste.

RESPONSE® Super Absorbent Powder

As part of the RESPONSE® body fluid kits and also available separately is the RESPONSE® range of high performance absorbent powders, available in standard and premium versions.

The premium powder is a revolutionary formula capable of absorbing and deodorising up to 300 times its own weight. When sprinkled onto the spill the fluid is almost immediately transformed into a manageable gel, for easy containment and disposal, making cleaning and disinfection easier and more effective.

RESPONSE® Super Absorbent Powders are non-toxic, non corrosive, non-bleaching, biodegradable, convenient and economical, offer instant absorption and are suitable for use on carpets.