The Shocking Truth Behind Cardiac Arrest: Infographic

Apr 2018

If you found yourself in a situation where someone was having a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), would you know what to do? Use our Infographic to learn more.

Often, people don’t, and not knowing, or not feeling prepared, could be the difference between somebody dying and you saving somebody’s life, that’s why you should view this infographic.

Having an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) ready for such emergencies increases the chance of survival. You might view a defibrillator as something that only medical professionals should operate, however, they aren’t. Far from it!

These easy-to-use pieces of equipment, if present, are available to anyone – after all, there will not always be a doctor available should an emergency ever arise.

Having confidence in yourself to pick up an AED and use it in an emergency is essential, so we have put together a simple, step by step infographic that is easily digestible and could help you save a life.

So please read this infographic and share with your friends and family, after all, you could save a life with the knowledge and confidence it gives you: