Dry January

Jan 2023
Mental Health, Occupational Health

Dry January is a month of voluntary abstinence from alcohol; Dry January has many potential benefits for both mental and physical health, and for many of after the excesses of the festive period many of us this may feel like a welcome break.

Potential Benefits of Dry January

  • Weight loss
  • More Energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Save Money
  • Improved Mental Health
  • No Hangovers

And more…


Tips for a successful Dry January

All these benefits sound great, but sticking to dry January can be challenging, so here are some helpful hints to help make your January a success:

Do it with a friend:

Taking on dry January alone can seem daunting. However, doing it with a friend can provide motivation and support.

Find a new favourite drink:

A new favourite non-alcoholic drink will allow you to indulge the habit of “having a drink” after work or with dinner without alcohol.

Manage your triggers:

Different people will have different triggers, and it is crucial to recognise yours and learn how to manage themFor example, for many people visiting the pub will be an obvious trigger, so it is essential to find other activities that you can do away from the pub.

Important note: It may be wise to avoid drinks such as non-alcoholic beer/spirits, as these can be a powerful trigger.

Track how much money you save:

Keeping track of the saving will provide you with a noticeable benefit and provide continuous motivation.


Medical warning

Please seek medical advice if you have physical withdrawal when you stop drinking. Physical withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to: Shaking, sweating or feeling anxious until you have your first drink of the day. Stopping drinking too quickly can be dangerous without the correct help.


If you’re an employer, you may be aware of the challenges alcohol/addiction issues in the workplace can cause; that is why campaigns such as Dry January are often a positive thing to promote to employees as it encourages employees to evaluate their alcohol intake while also giving a sense of achievement.

However, Dry January is only the start of tackling alcohol abuse in the workplace. To find out how Kays Medical can help you tackle it further, please visit our website:

Drug and Alcohol testing Services | Kays Medical Supplies


Further advice and support

NHS Alcohol Support:


Alcohol Change: