First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Introducing a comprehensive range of first aid kits to match the majority of first aid scenarios. Workplace, vehicle, travel, catering, burns and specialist kits in a numerous sizes and carriers.
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Workplace First Aid Kits

The BS 8599-1 standard can be used as a guide to help you understand which type of first aid kit would be suitable for your workplace based on the size of your organisation.

There are four options available: small, medium, large or travel size.

The new BS 8599-1 standard takes into account more modern and functional products encompassing a wider range of common workplace risks.

Some changes include:

  • increased number of disposable gloves, which are now required to be nitrile, which are far more dextrous than vinyl gloves and eliminate possible latex allergies;
  • fewer triangular bandages as they are no longer used for the immobilisation of limb injuries;
  • introduction of smaller absorbent wound dressings for finger injuries, where a plaster will not be sufficient;
  • introduction of tearable non-woven, hypoallergenic adhesive tape to secure bandages without using safety pins;
  • introduction of water-based sterile gel burn dressings (which do not require any pre-cooling with water) and a conforming bandage to secure it;
  • introduction of a resuscitation face shield to provide a protective barrier for first aiders administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The BS 8599-1 standard gives recommendations on the amount and size of the first aid kits necessary for different workplace environments based on the category of risk and the number of employees.

Vehicle First Aid Kits

BS 8599-2 has been published with the aim of improving the standard of first aid provision on British roads by recommending the size of kit and contents that every vehicle should carry, based on the type of vehicle and potential number of passengers.

The standard specifies the exact contents for small, medium and large first aid kits that must be carried in order for kits to be compliant.

What does this mean to the end user?

It means that provided you select the recommended size and number of kits based on the table below you can rest assured you are following the latest recommendations and guidelines for first aid provision in your vehicles and will be suitably equipped in the event of an accident.

Number of passengers Vehicle examples Number and size of seats
1 – 3 Mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles & quadricycles 1 x small
1 – 8 Cars, taxis & commercial vehicles 1 x medium
1 – 16 Minibuses & small buses 1 x large
17 + Buses & coaches 2 x large

Travel First Aid Kits

Whether travelling at home or abroad, in relative safety or in exotic and risky locations across the globe, we have a a selection of travel kits to match your needs.

All kits are available in convenient soft bags with integrated belt loops, heavy duty double zips, internal webbing and hardened plastic carry handles. Kits are available in personal, standard, deluxe and sterile.

Sterile kits are specially designed for use in countries with lower hygiene standards than the UK. When sterility of medical disposables cannot be guaranteed the kit can be passed to a qualified person to minimise risks of cross infection when treating serious wounds.


Whether travelling at home or abroad, in relative safety or in exotic and risky locations across the globe, we have a a selection of travel kits to match your needs.

Designed specifically for use in catering environments and presented in highly visible blue contemporary, wall mountable, plastic case. The catering kit is a BS8599-1 compliant workplace kit with a selection of specialised contents for the catering environment, such as blue detectable plasters.

Burns First Aid Kits

All our specialist burns kits meet guidelines given by the Health and Safety Executive. The kit provides an array of dressings and treatments designed to provide fast and effective relief for burns, scalds and sunburn whether in the workplace or home.

Kits are supplied in either highly visible red, contemporary polypropylene boxes which can be wall mounted, or in red soft fabric carry bag with zip, handle and internal webbing to keep contents secure.

Trauma First Aid Kits

Designed to meet the needs of first responders in more serious first aid scenarios, trauma kits provide a broader and more specialist selection of dressings and equipment. These kits are available in durable, shoulder mounted, grab bags for use in rugged environments yet remain lightweight and easy to manage.

BHTA Get Wise Guide

For advice on how to care for your workforce whilst keeping on the right side of the law, download the ‘Get wise to First Aid Kits in the workplace’ guide from the British Heart Trade Association (BHTA).

Do I need training?

Efficient provision of first aid and in particular for life saving scenarios requires effective first aid training. We have a wide range of courses available at our training centre or we can arrange group courses at your premises nationwide.