Flu Vouchers

Flu Vouchers

Aug 2021

At Kays Medical, we can offer your business flu vouchers as part of our OH services. Flu vouchers are an affordable way to protect your staff from influenza, and they don’t require any other organisation from you. All you have to do is get vouchers from Kays and give them to your employees, who can redeem them for a free flu shot at accepted locations. 

It’s that easy to organise, but many businesses don’t take the option. Not only does recommending your employees pay for their flu shots lead to lower take-up, but it can increase the risk of flu infecting one of your employees and spreading among your office space. In light of recent times, it’s never been more crucial to make it easy for your employees to stay healthy.

With flu vouchers from Kays Medical, you can make sure all of your staff are protected and immunised from flu. And, by choosing us, you can work with a trusted OH supplier for businesses. We can also help you organise flu clinics, where your employees can all be immunised at once. With Kays, you’ll have control of how you and your business keep healthy and safe.

What Are Flu Vouchers?

Flu vouchers are a way of your business immunising your employees from flu. Your employees can go and get flu shots from a trusted NHS nurse or pharmacist at several locations free of charge by offering these vouchers. So as part of your businesses OH services, you can treat your employees well and make sure their health is paramount by investing in flu vouchers for your staff.

A flu voucher process is simple. Once you order them from Kays Medical, we’ll take care of the organisation for you, making sure to contact our range of public and private healthcare professionals to put the logistics in place. From there, we can send your flu vouchers by post to your premises, and you can distribute them to your employees. Your staff will be able to take them to any approved flu vaccination centre and get their jab.

As you can see, the benefits of flu vouchers are varied. You can make sure your employees get flu jabs for free, making them less likely to take them and get protection. A healthy workforce is less likely to catch the flu, reducing employee absence rates and improved productivity. Flu vouchers can even improve job satisfaction, as they’ll make your staff feel valued and cared for.

What Are Flu Clinics?

Alternatively, you may want to ensure your employees get flu vaccinations. While flu vouchers improve take-up, you’ll still be asking your employees to get their shots in their own time. As a result, you may not get full take-up. So, if your business is particularly sensitive to flu for any reason, you may want to consider setting up flu clinics instead. 

Rather than ordering flu vouchers to get employees to go to clinics, organising a flu clinic brings the vaccines to your employees. With Kays Medical, you can organise a flu clinic quickly and easily. We’ll use our varied contacts to bring medical professionals to your workspace and set up a clinic on-site. As a result, your employees don’t have to go anywhere to get vaccinated, and they’ll do it quickly on company time.

Although this can be more tricky to organise, flu clinics guarantee a take-up of the flu vaccine for most. And, as they still redeem flu vouchers for employees, they’ll still be able to stay healthy for free. By making sure your employees feel good, they’ll continue to perform at their best for your company. At Kays, our range of OH, flu vouchers and flu clinics make sure they feel as healthy as can be at work.

Flu Vouchers From Kays Medical

At Kays Medical, we can offer our flu vouchers to all of our existing OH clients. And, if you haven’t worked with us before, getting flu vouchers for your employees is a great way to start working with us. With Kays, you’ll leave your employees’ health in the hands of professionals with over 45 years of experience in the OH sector. With our range of services, we’ll make sure your staff always feel in great shape. 

We’ll organise your flu vouchers quickly and easily from the moment you order them, utilising our wide range of medical contacts and infrastructure. We can make flu vouchers and flu clinics work anywhere in the UK, and we can even get flu vouchers to all your staff if your business is a multi-site operation. Kays loves to adapt to complex challenges, and we’ll be ready to adapt to you.

Flu Vouchers And Clinics From Kays Medical

Find the right OH service provider to organise flu vouchers and flu clinics for your business today – choose Kays Medical for your OH needs.

You can contact us via our online form to speak to our friendly team about flu vouchers or flu clinics. And, to talk to our team directly, we’re available over the phone on 0843 504 8147.