Some Primary Steps and Questions an OH Intervention Needs To Address

Jun 2018
Advice, Occupational Health

An Occupational Health intervention can be a minefield but there is increasing evidence that reports on the positive impact of evidence-based occupational health interventions with regards to employee health and well-being. Here are some helpful hints on how to get it right.


  • What precisely is the problem?
  • Who is at risk?
  • What are the risk factors that facilitate or restrict the emergence of this problem?
  • What is the perspective of those affected?

Resources and Support

  • What resources or support is available or necessary to deal with the problem?
  • Where are the resources or support to be located and how can they be accessed?
  • Which support mechanisms or resources have already been organised?

Aims and Objectives

  • What are the aims and the anticipated results?
  • Who are the target groups?
  • Can an agreement with stakeholders be realised?

Previous Interventions

  • Is it possible to identify other programmes that have shown high levels of efficacy?
  • What are the core constituents of these programmes?
  • How can these be adapted to this context or intervention

Shed Light on the Intervention

  • What are the core constituents of the intervention?
  • How should these fit the identified wants and needs?
  • What can constituents be adapted to fit this context?
  • Can these constituents be integrated into the organisation?

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