International epilepsy day purple flowers

International Epilepsy Day!

Mar 2019

Tuesday 26th March marks International Epilepsy Day, also known as Purple Day! This day is all about raising funds and awareness of epilepsy, so those who suffer from it can be more understood, and hopefully, more can be done to help deal with the condition.

87 people are diagnosed with epilepsy every day (seven of them being children) and can quite literally affect anyone at any time. Over half a million people in the UK have epilepsy, and many of them feel that people don’t understand or are afraid of their condition.

Epilepsy is described as the tendency to have repeated seizures which originate in the brain. It is both a neurological and physical condition, as the body is affected when a seizure takes place. While there is no specific ‘cure’ for the condition, there are around 25 anti-epileptic drugs available in the UK which can control seizures in around 70% of people to the point where they stop altogether.

There’s a variety of different types of seizure and they all affect people in different ways. It all depends on where the seizure is coming from in the brain and how large the area is that’s been affected.

There are loads of ways you can prepare for the likely event of coming across a seizure in your lifetime. A first Aid training course could make all the difference and even help you save a life. Kays Medical’s First Aid Training offers in-depth lifesaving and crisis skills. Teaching a range of skills and techniques, you’ll feel confident taking command in most first aid situations.

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