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Apr 2018

We are living in the most time-short generation in history. In life and at work there has never been less time to get things done and what’s more the pressure to constantly demonstrate value is ever present. That’s why we’ve made K2.

So we have been putting these considerations at the heart of our sales and marketing planning for over a year. Essentially asking one question – what can we do to make life easier for our customers. It’s a simple enough question but surprisingly organisations so often miss a trick; trapped into thinking what’s easy for them must be easy for their customers. Wrong, and we’ll explain why with K2.

Kays Medical have embarked on the largest systematic improvement of sales and customer service channels in the company’s 40-year history. A project which began some time ago is this year going to start demonstrating some big changes to the way we serve our customers, to a single end – making life easier.

The first change is our maturing procurement platform K2.  On the face of it, this looks like any traditional e-commerce website. However, customers who have been using K2 for a while have realised it offers a level of convenience beyond normal shopping websites. Dedicated customer pricing, contract items, multi-user corporate accounts, multiple shipping sites, full account history and invoice view, are just some of the features K2 offers to trade customers. But beyond this K2 provides a deeper integration into day-to-day procurement by removing the need for credit/debit card payment processing. In terms of purchasing oversight, your accounts department can be comfortable that all procurement, across all sites, is being administered through a single billing account.

For large multi-site customers or public sector organisations who may have prescriptive purchasing processes e-commerce websites requiring credit/debit cards, billing address entry, shipping address entry and ad hoc email addresses for invoice delivery can represent big administrative headaches. Finance departments know all too well the misery of chasing down credit card receipts for discretionary purchases. K2 completely cures these headaches.

For occupational health practitioners, occupational health providers and anybody charged with procurement of first aid and medical supplies K2 is a revolutionary platform. Even GP surgeries, private clinics and residential care facilities are starting to enjoy the benefits offered by K2, no longer having to worry which websites have been used with which credit cards and when; everything is centralised and completely documented within the K2 control panel account history.

Of course, this is not the right solution for every organisation. We understand some businesses may not want to establish a credit facility or would prefer more casual, ad hoc buying, provided by traditional e-commerce. This is why we are working towards launching a more conventional webshop later in the year. However you recall our original thinking – how do we make life easier for our customers. Overwhelmingly K2 has been the right platform for the majority of our customers in the occupational health, safety and wellbeing space. And this was our aim.

If you would like to browse K2 or register for an account you can do so by visiting, or by simply clicking Shop on the main navigation. If you think your organisation could benefit from K2, or have an existing account with us and want to learn more, our sales team are always on hand to talk you through it or arrange a demonstration.