kays medical partner with feefo

Kays Medical Partner with Feefo

Aug 2020

Kays Medical has recently partnered with Feefo, to allow all our customers to provide honest reviews and feedback about the service we provide. We value feedback and we are committed to improving as a company and value your thoughts on our service and products.

Working with Feefo, a totally independent review centre, we are working hard to provide all our customers with an exceptional service and experience to help us build lasting relationships and improve in any way we can. We understand that to provide the absolute best level of service to our customers, we need to listen to them and understand their thoughts.

Feefo has provided us with the technology to connect directly with you, our customers, start a conversation, and read real, honest feedback so we know what we are doing right, and where there is room for improvement. By leaving reviews and providing feedback on our products and services, you can help us to make improvements and become the best we can be for all our customers, so we can continue to provide an exceptional level of service and experience.

How it works

When you buy one of our products or receive a service from us, Feefo will send you a request to leave a review about your experience. Then all you need to do is send back your honest feedback. Feefo then publishes your review, whether it’s good or bad, so you can be sure that your honest views will be voiced. Your reviews may then help others make informed decisions about our products and services, and help us to improve and grow.

Because Feefo is an independent review site, we do not have control over the reviews that are posted, so you know that every review you read from Feefo about Kays Medical, is an actual customer review, with honest and unedited feedback. We have chosen to partner with an independent review site for this reason, as we are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service and experience, and always remaining transparent, allowing people to make informed decisions about our products and services.

Kays Medical are occupational health experts, and we have been protecting UK workforces since 1976. We are always striving to provide the very best for our customers, from the products we sell in our online shop, to the training and occupational health services we provide to businesses throughout the UK. Help us to help you by leaving us a Feefo review next time you use Kays Medical. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your support.

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