Medical Equipment

Kays Medical is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of medical equipment.

Whether you require medical equipment for a GP surgery or a hospital, a manufacturing plant or a school, our extensive range of equipment is suitable for a variety of industries.

We offer a wide range of medical equipment including, but not limited to, audiometry equipment, spirometry equipment, clothing, dermatology, diagnostic equipment and instruments, as well as drug testing and blood and urine analysis.

About this category

Our comprehensive range of medical equipment is readily available to you. We stock a variety of both well-known brands and some lesser known brands, which gives us the ability to supply products for all budgets, large or small.

Because our medical equipment items are so popular, we store a large quantity of them in our head office warehouse. This means that once your order is received, we are able to retrieve your items fast and effectively and dispatch them to you within days, minimising potential disruption to your practice or your workforce.

If you are unsure about what you need or if you would like to try something new, our team of experienced professionals are on hand to guide you through our range of products, helping you find the right items for your business needs.

If you have been searching for a product on our online shop but you are unable to find it, please contact us on 0843 504 8149 and we will do our best to source the product for you and delivery it to you as quickly as possible.