Occupational Case Management services

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Occupational Case Management services

Sickness / Absence Case Management

Absence due to sickness / ill health is inevitable within any organisation. Sickness absence needs to be dealt with in a fair, understanding, sympathetic, but clinically objective manner, ideally by health experts / clinicians who are specialist in the management of health in the workplace.

Kays Medical understand the impact that sickness absence can have on a work place from not only a financial perspective but due to critical skills loss, often having an adverse effect upon colleagues and on the level and quality of service that your business provides.

Sickness absence case management is a service employed by companies to help improve outcomes in sickness absence, rehabilitation, work related illness and injury in the workplace. The primary goal of occupational health case management is to assist with the return of the individual to maximal functioning capacity and maximal medical recovery – thus allowing a rapid and safe return to work if possible.

Examples of occupational health case management consultations:

  • Sickness absence referral for frequent, short term sickness absence
  • Sickness absence referral for long term sickness absence
  • Concern as regards fitness for role during or following sickness, accident or due to disability, loss of capability.
  • Fitness to participate in management processes.

Kays medical promote an Occupational Health specialist Advisor telephonic case management intervention process, at least initially, with escalation into face to face appointments and onward referral to OHP where necessary. This tends to be both the most clinically effective and cost-effective methodology for case management services for most clients.


Ill Health Retirement Assessment

The pension scheme will generally have its own definition of what ill-health (sickness) means, but usually employees will be considered for an ill-health pension if they are unable to carry out their normal job because they are physically or mentally ill.

Kays medical provide competent specialist advice in ill health retirement cases to employers and individuals alike. The intervention typically includes an assessment of capability, matched to the requirements of the job, as well as ensuring there is appropriate medical evidence about the illness or injury to support the claim.


New Starter Medical Assessment services

It is imperative that all organisations recruit and select new employees that are fully fit for all aspects of the proposed role, particularly safety critical requirements.

Kays medical provide New starter Occupational Medicals to suit your business requirements. Where the role has limited related role risk and no specific medical capabilities that need to be assessed face to face this can often be undertaken through our online portal. Where there is specific vision, hearing, driving etc. capabilities required, an appropriate face to face assessment can be conducted.

Kays new starter medical assessment is designed to clinically and objectively reduce the risk of any potential future issues relating to work absence / work performance, whilst ensuring that the employer is complying with all current legislation by providing appropriate work adjustments to those employees with specific disabilities.

Follow-up assessments are only recommended if it’s indicated that they may be necessary by the medical history provided by the individual. Full medical confidentiality is maintained via our best in class Apollo software OH service management system

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