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Occupational Health Reading

We provide tailored occupational health services for all types of organisations in Reading.

At Kays, we provide occupational health services which make your team and your business feel and work better. We work across SMEs, large single sites and multiple site operations to increase productivity and improve performance.

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Occupational Health Services In Reading

Kays offers OH services which are tailored to the needs of your business in Reading. Our occupational health services plans work for a range of sectors, and our team offers a bespoke OH presence as well. We provide our occupational health services in multiple locations, including your workplace and at specified sites in Reading. Our mobile unit can visit multiple sites on the go, too!

At Kays, we provide our OH services on either an ad-hoc basis – where you pay for them as you go – or as an ongoing service on a rolling contract. So, depending on the needs of your business, you can work with us in a way that’s comfortable for you. When we start our partnership with you, we’ll provide an initial consultation and OH health check as well! Get in touch today to get started.



What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational health services are a range of services which help to improve the physical and mental health of people in the workplace. Services like these can help you take care of your team, reducing things like sickness and injury. However, OH services also increase productivity and work ethic, helping you get more from your team each day. You’ll also save money from reduced sickness, making occupational health services a sound investment.

Why should you consider occupational health services?

Occupational health services protect the key asset in your business – your staff. Healthier, happier staff are also more useful, more motivated, and more productive. It’s why our services can improve both productivity and profitability, as they help your staff stay physically and mentally well in the workplace. With employees that feel ready to work every day, your business will be ready to grow every day too.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Occupational Health?

Occupational health services provide a range of benefits to businesses and organisations in Reading. And, with Kays, you can create bespoke OH plans to get the benefits you want. We offer tailored services in Reading for all businesses, from SMEs and large single sites to multiple site operations. Some of the benefits of OH services include:

  • Health and safety legislation compliance
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Potentially reduced insurance premiums
  • Money saving
  • A generally healthier, happier workforce

How Are Kays’ Occupational Health Services Delivered?

At Kays Medical, we can deliver our OH services nationwide, including Reading. As a result, you can protect your team even when you’re on the move. We offer a mobile unit that travels between sites, and we can arrange OH services at a specified location across the country. Some of our occupational health services delivery methods include:

  • Face to face consultations
  • Telephone
  • Mobile screening units
  • Online appointment

Who Delivers Kays' Services?

When you work with Kays Medical, you’ll work with a company with over 40 years experience of providing occupational health services in Reading. We deliver our OH services through highly trained and qualified mental health nurses, counsellors, health and safety specialists, physiotherapists, hygienists, psychologists and ergonomic experts. We also have a range of contacts in the industry that allow us to offer bespoke delivery from specialists. And, finally, we can provide HR, learning and development and medical supply services.

Can you help my business respond to COVID-19?

Our occupational health services also protect your team from the biggest health threat of the modern day. We’ve updated our OH services for COVID-19, making them ideally suited for tackling the pandemic. We offer bespoke COVID-19 OH services in Reading, including long COVID-19 RTW medicals, return to work services, management referral for sickness absence and antigen COVID-19 testing. We’ll also check individual employees based on their age and any health conditions they have.

Kays Medical Occupational Health Services Overview

Choose Kays Medical today, and work with a company that offers bespoke occupational health services in Reading. Your business or organisation could benefit from one of our bespoke plans, improving productivity and wellbeing across your team. We're proud to help create healthy, positive environments in the companies we work with. And, with our diverse client base, our range of OH services can include:

  • On placement screening
  • Health surveillance
  • Absence management
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Ill-health retirement medicals
  • Vaccination & immunisation
  • Specialist services
  • Drug & alcohol tests
  • Pregnancy at work risk assessments
  • COVID-19 tailored services

If you want to learn more about our occupational health services in Reading, please get in touch or call Kays Medical today on 0843 504 8147. Our specialist team can help you tailor your bespoke OH services plan around your business needs.

OH & S

Occupational Health Assessment

Speak to Kays today and you can get an occupational health assessment for your Reading-based business! You can get in touch or call us on 0843 504 8147 today for your occupational health assessment, and our team will craft a tailored OH services plan with you.


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