Occupational Health Services Newcastle

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Occupational Health Services Newcastle

Looking for Occupational Health services in Newcastle? Look no further than Kays Medical.

Occupational Health plays a major part in your business strategy. Getting it wrong, will undoubtedly cost you more than lost revenue. Your occupational health provision should be your number one sales person, so it’s important to get it right.

Choose Kays Medical

For over 40 years our products and expertise has grown exponentially, establishing relationships with customers across divergent industries at just about every level.

Our simple approach is, if we can offer assistance; we will. On that basis our customers vary from individuals up to some of the biggest businesses in Newcastle.

We have trained over 100,000 first aiders. We are amongst the first providers in Newcastle to be delivering first aid qualifications regulated by OFQUAL. If you only want the best in Occupational Health services. Stop looking.

Occupational health is an industry involved with the examination and management of staff health and well-being.

Kays Medical, for a long time, was the only medical supplies firm in the country, dedicated to supplying the developing occupational health industry. To this day, nurses and technicians in large organisations in Newcastle rely on us to provide the equipment and supplies they need to carry out their work.

Call our Newcastle Occupational Health team today on 0843 504 8141 or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.