Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal Specialist Services

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Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal Specialist Services

Physiotherapy Assessment and treatment services

Early intervention and treatment are crucial when physiotherapy is required for a musculoskeletal injury whether it is of a workplace or social origin.

A rapid intervention will help assist the employees to return to work or even design a programme to support rehabilitation in work. The longer employees are off sick due to such conditions as back, neck or shoulder pain, the less likely they are to return to work so a proactive approach to such conditions is always recommended through the support of our chartered Physiotherapist capability.

On occasion some injuries do not require direct face to face contact and can be triaged / initially assessed over the phone. An appropriate pathway can then be identified, whether it be instruction using an appropriate app or IT media, or physical referral.

The majority of employees who benefit from this service are often referred due to on-going or recurring sickness absence.



Job demands Analysis

The Job Demands Analysis is an evaluation process that examines and quantifies the physical demands required to perform a given job, ultimately helping to manage associated role health risks, particularly those of an ergonomic nature.

The JDA considers environmental and cognitive demands in relation to specific job roles. It can also provide a blue print for future Functional Capability Assessments (FCE’s).

The intervention and subsequent management advice report is undertaken by a member of our chartered physiotherapy team.

The more complex the role the longer the time required onsite to review and assess the associated work activities. Interventions are typically undertaken on a full or half day rate basis depending on the job description and initial job scope.



Functional Capability Assessment

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) assesses and quantifies an individual’s capacity to perform a given job, activities of daily living and / or leisure activities, however from an Occupational Perspective we are usually focussed on the specified role.

A detailed objectively measured performance-based examination is carried out by our qualified physiotherapist / clinician against the foundation job related materials provided.

The purpose is to assess an individual’s health status and function which can be compared to the demand of their job and predicts their potential to sustain these tasks over a defined time frame.

The FCE results can be used to make return-to-work (activity) decisions, disability determinations or to design rehabilitation plans and supports ill health retirement claims where appropriate.



Drop-in Physiotherapy clinics

A drop in 20-30-minute physiotherapy assessment per person usually undertaken as part of an organisation wellbeing day.

The chartered physiotherapist will look to assess the musculoskeletal condition presented by the individual, making treatment recommendations and aligning with GP, NHS and any private health care capability available. Where appropriate a status of fitness for work may also be provided.

Assessment sessions are usually scheduled where possible prior to the physiotherapist attending site to ensure best utilisation and minimise disappointment.



Physiotherapist led Display Screen Risk Assessment

Kays medical offer a variety of Workplace Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment interventions.

Where individuals have an underlying musculoskeletal or other health condition that is likely to be increasing pain and discomfort when using DSE, an on-site workplace assessment of the workstation conducted by one of our chartered physiotherapists can often prove invaluable in managing the individuals symptoms, and more often than not helping individuals with difficulties remaining in or returning to work.

The assessment reviews the ergonomic set up, adjustment of DSE hardware and generally ensures compliance with duties under the appropriate regulations. As noted, these escalated interventions are specifically designed to support individuals with known underlying health conditions, particularly those of a musculoskeletal origin.

Workplace assessments are commonly requested to review office ergonomics and display screen equipment (DSE) set up but are not just limited to office environments. They can benefit employees in a full range of working situations.




Workplace and Lifestyle Muscular-skeletal focussed Health Education

Individual tailored physiotherapy led education sessions for groups of 5 – 20 employees usually held locally on site and tailored to musculoskeletal risks particular to the specific workplace / work environment / sector.

For example, sessions can include safe manual handling, reducing musculoskeletal risks in the workplace, general lifestyle driven musculoskeletal risk management, back pain management. Sessions can often be constructed with a variety of practicable elements where appropriate.

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