Kays Are Now SEQOHS Accredited!

Apr 2021

At Kays, we are proud to announce that we are now SEQOHS accredited! Yet another significant achievement that we have recently obtained, we are dedicated to upskilling to provide the highest standards of service in all that we offer.

As a leading occupational health provider within the UK, this SEQOHS accreditation marks our ability to provide our clients with fully comprehensive OH services that meet the highest standards. Feel confident that your business is in safe and skilled hands with Kays Medical.


SEQOHS, which stands for Safe, Effective, Quality, Occupational Health Service, is an accreditation led by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) that marks a company’s ability to provide occupational health services that meet its standards. Originally launched in 2010, these standards have since been reviewed and relaunched in 2015. Since then, the SEQOHS accreditation has become an integral part of the occupational health landscape and is widely recognised by all.

About The Faculty Of Occupational Medicine

In 2009, the FOM created the SEQOHS standards to create a benchmark standard of occupational health service that can be followed by providers across the UK. This has since allowed for safe regulation of occupational health, allowing those seeking these services to know where to put their trust.

The FOM, also known as the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, is a charity committed to improving health at work. As the professional body for occupational medicine in the UK, the FOM aims to ensure the highest standards in the practice of occupational health nationwide.  This works to improve the health of the working age population within the UK.

How Does A Company Become SEQOHS Accredited?

A company can become SEQOHS certified by following their accreditation pathway as stated on the SEQOHS website. The process involves a range of self-assessment and external peer assessment methods that mark your ability against their standards.

After the assessment stage is finished and you have either been deferred or accredited, your certification is valid for five years, subject to annual renewal. This annual renewal ensures that you are compliant with the standards for the full duration of your accreditation.

After the fourth annual renewal is complete, you will be due to undertake the entire accreditation pathway from the beginning in order to become reaccredited.

What Does Our SEQOHS Accreditation Mean For You?

By choosing to work with a SEQOHS accredited company such as Kays Medical, you can feel confident that the services you will receive will meet and exceed the standards set by The Faculty of Occupational Medicine. This accreditation marks the fact that our OH services are effective, safe and of high quality. Let us safely manage the effect of work on the health of your employees, and vice versa. Your business and employee productivity will thrive.

Get In Touch

If you would like to find out more about what our SEQOHS accreditation means for you, or if you simply have any questions that you would like answered, please get in touch today. Our team are more than happy to help.

As a leading occupational health provider for businesses and organisations across the UK, we are here for you. We pride ourselves on our diverse yet interlinked offering and will always hold your best interests at heart. Please give us a call on 0843 504 8147 if you would like to find out how we can support you.