time to talk day

Time to Talk Day

Feb 2019

7th February marks Time to Talk Day, which aims to get everyone talking about mental health and removing the stigma. Mental health affects one in four of us, yet many people are still too scared to talk about it.

Simply talking about mental health can have a greater impact than many people may realise, which is why Time to Talk is so important. Engaging in conversations about mental health helps improve relationships, remove stereotypes and help people recover from something that, quite frankly, affects a lot of us.

Whether you want to plan a coffee morning at your work or simply have a chat with some loved ones and make sure they’re okay, it all makes a difference!

As leading occupational health providers, we understand how important it is to take care of mental health at work, which is why we offer mental health first aid courses.

The number of working days lost to ‘stress, depression and anxiety’ in the UK rose by 24% between 2015 and 2018. With most mental health problems in the workplace being related to anxiety and depression, its key that you know how to recognise them amongst your employees.

Our mental health first aid courses cover issues such as:

  • Identifying at-risk individuals/those in crisis who may benefit from contact with a Mental Health First Aid trained individual
  • Communicate effectively with those in crisis
  • Design and implement a basic plan of action for individuals at risk/ in crisis
  • Implement positive changes in the workplace regarding mental health

These are just some of the things you’ll benefit from investing in one of our mental health first-aid courses, find out more information here.

Help break the stigma on mental health on Time to Talk Day. It’s often the people you wouldn’t expect who need help.

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