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Virtual Mental Health Training

Jan 2021
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Training has just got better… we are taking it virtual!

Kays Medical are committed to delivering high quality and essential training for all of our learners across the UK. Sadly the Coronavirus pandemic has made learning and development difficult to access, but training remains crucial for all businesses. That’s why we’ve taken training to a virtual platform.

Our training experts can now deliver fully interactive training courses to any type of business in the UK – geography and COVID-19 are no problem for this training format.

The Kays L+D courses are all designed to support and promote positive mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. We may find ourselves in some challenging times, but with Kays, you can be sure that mental health training continues to be accessible, convenient and rewarding for all your employees.

What are the benefits of virtual mental health training?

  • Flexibility – you can schedule training to fit your employee’s busy schedules.
  • Technology – use of established and reliable virtual technology.
  • Remote – training can be delivered to anyone in the UK.
  • Tailored – all courses can be tailored to your business needs and requirements. 
  • Engagement – positive learning environments and motivated staff.

Who is virtual mental health training for?

Access to mental health training helps all employees build essential resilience skills, allowing staff to manage their mental health while working from home, or when integrating back into a workplace environment.

Take advantage of this innovative form of training through group bookings which are particularly ideal for those with teams working remotely or those who find the convenience of virtual training more stimulating. 

To ensure the delivery of effective mental health training courses, our group bookings can accommodate a maximum of 15 people for both half-day and full-day courses. 

What mental health training courses do Kays offer?

Leading a resilient team

A 1-day virtual training course to help establish awareness of mental health problems and develop skills to lead a resilient team.

Supporting others and yourself

A 1-day virtual course designed to help your employees support themselves and other people in situations that are stressful, upsetting or challenging.

Dealing with distressed callers

A half-day virtual mental health training course that will empower call handling workers who want to develop skills in dealing with distressed callers.

Building personal and team resilience

A half-day virtual training course is for employees to help develop their own awareness of stress and build resilience.

Coping with stress

This 2-hour virtual mental health training session is tailored to help employees develop their own awareness of stress and self-management of stress.

Supporting people through difficult situations

A 1-day virtual training course designed to help staff and teams to deal with upsetting or difficult situations in the workplace.

How easy is it?

Our virtual training courses are very easy to use. When your booking is confirmed, you will be sent a confirmation of access: this will provide the date, time and link to join the secure course. You must have Zoom, or Microsoft Teams installed and working prior to the course, starting with fully working audio, microphone and camera.

Our virtual mental health training is interactive and led by an expert trainer within the virtual training classroom. This training method allows interaction between learners and our expert trainer to provide an engaging and educational learning experience.

Book in for our mental health training courses!

To book in for our virtual mental health training courses, please get in touch today. Our team would be happy to provide you with further information or help you decide which course would be best suited to your needs! You may also call us on 0843 504 8147. Our sales team are happy to help.