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New Website Launch

Apr 2018

NEW Website Launch

The new website launch is the culmination of months of research and development during which our marketing team and digital agency have undertaken a detailed analysis of our business. The aim of the project was to distil our product portfolio, the range of target industries, resources and customer engagement channels into a well structured and scalable website; something that was easy to navigate and understand with plenty of scope for future growth.

It was crucial that our site was designed and developed with consideration of the broader elements of our marketing strategy, both online and offline. We have worked hard to create a strong connection between the feel of our website and the new catalogue in addition to a complete review of our approach to direct mail, email marketing and social media channels. All of the technical and marketing jargon aside, the central goal was to deliver a platform capable of allowing our customers to engage with us in a variety of ways, through a consistent and manageable experience.

Managing director Ben Ludzker explains some of the thinking behind the new site. “A new website is not a project your undertake every year, and whilst our previous site has required attention for some time, we weren’t about to rush the process for the sake of expediency. We were quite clear from the outset, that whilst we are committed to growing our content we did not want to be revisiting structural deficiencies with a hastily prepared website after a matter of months. I honestly believe the extra time taken to build something capable of supporting us for a long time will ultimately provide more tangible value for us and our customers.”

We have implemented a phased launch of content for the new site, so our visitors should expect significant additions in the coming weeks as the website beds in. In addition, our existing customers will have access to our new print catalogue as well as an array of new print and digital direct promotion pieces coming throughout the rest of the year.

We hope you enjoy our new website and find it a useful resource, and of course, it goes without saying that we are happy to receive any feedback, suggestions or criticisms for our program of continuous improvements.

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