Emergency Response Equipment

Emergency Equipment

We are one of the leading suppliers of emergency response equipment, and training, in the UK.

When buying Emergency Response Equipment, you may wonder how do you prepare for an emergency and what items should you buy? In order to prepare for an emergency, it is essential to have an ongoing risk assessment of your organisation. What could go wrong and in the case of an emergency what would you need to be able to effectively manage the situation?

A member of our experienced team will be able to support you through your emergency response requirements.


We offer a wide range of emergency response equipment including:

  • Automatic external defibrillators (AED’s)
  • Defibrillator equipment
    • Pads
    • Wall cabinets
    • Battery packs
    • First responder kits
    • Training mannequins – baby, junior and adult
  • Defibrillator training
  • Evacuation and immobilisation aids
  • Hydrofluoric acid decontamination
  • Chemical decontamination


It is essential that as well as having the equipment, your employees have the confidence to use the AED, which is why we now include free AED training on all our one, two and three-day first aid training courses.

We also offer training for Hydrofluoric acid decontamination and Chemical decontamination, giving you the tools to deal with harmful splashes safely and effectively.