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  • 3 Stage Osteoporosis Model

    £49.91 + VAT
    3 vertebrae model showing progressive stages of osteoporosis<BR> Upper vertebrae shows a healthy bone structure<BR> Middle vertebrae shows osteoporotic bone structure<BR> Lower vertebrae shows osteoporosis at an advanced stage with crushed roof and basal plate<BR> Individually removable from stand<BR> 16cm...
  • Anatomical Chart – The Muscular System

    £15.00 + VAT
    <P>Training and education, anatomical wall chart.</P><P> The Muscular System<BR> Chart size: 20" x 26"<BR> Laminated</P>
  • Artery Sections with Blockage

    £56.16 + VAT
    <P>&nbsp;Display demonstrates 4 cross sections of artery with different levels of fat furred blockage. <BR>&nbsp;Mounted on a board. <BR>&nbsp;Size: 16 x 9 x 3 cm.</P>
  • Atherosclerosis Model (10 times life size)

    £47.20 + VAT
    <P>&nbsp;Display presents a longitudinal section of a clogged artery with a thrombus. <BR> In addition, four arterial cross sections included on the base to show the stages of atherosclerosis (also known as arteriosclerosis).<BR>&nbsp;Model has been magnified ten times for easy...
  • Baby Anne

    £132.36 + VAT
    The Baby Anne manikin was developed to provide effective infant CPR training without compromising realism or quality. The convenient packaging of four Baby Anne manikins makes hands-on practice affordable for every student.
  • Breast Awareness Model – White

    £115.00 + VAT
    A lifelike representation of the breast, for use when teaching self examination and breast awareness. Made from a soft plastic material, the breast has 4 lumps which simulate various tumours. Supplied in a carrying case, with talc and an informative...
  • Chester Chest

    £784.00 + VAT
    Lifelike model of human torso with detachable right arm designed for the insertion, care, and removal of common long-term vascular access routes. The New Advanced Arm has a greater degree of rotation and extension than our previous arm, just as...
  • Choking Charlie

    £404.00 + VAT
    <P>The Choking Charlie manikin is an adult torso designed specifically for training students in the performance of the Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver.<BR><BR> Lifelike torso manikin.<BR> Cast from a human specimen.<BR> Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver training with simulated food boluses.<BR><BR>Includes: <BR>1...
  • Correct Lifting Demonstration Manikin

    £154.00 + VAT
    <P>This figure allows clear demonstration of the effects on the vertebral column of incorrect and correct lifting.</P><P> With a curved back the vertebrae are forced apart<BR> With a straight back the vertebrae remain together and correct<BR> Ideal for physiotherapists, general...
  • CPR Prompt Bellows/Piston with Compression Clicker

    £22.53 + VAT
    Replacement for CPR prompt manikins.
  • Dual Lungs Comparison Kit

    £293.00 + VAT
    Demonstrate both sets of lungs simultaneously for better lung comparison. <BR>&nbsp;Interconnected airway system lets you compare the ventilation of both sets of lungs simultaneously, or simply shut off one of the upper valves to inflate only one set of lungs....