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  • Anatomical Chart – The Muscular System

    £23.00 + VAT
    Training and education, anatomical wall chart. The Muscular System Chart size: 20″ x 26″ Laminated
  • Breast Awareness Model – White

    £149.00 + VAT
    A lifelike representation of the breast, for use when teaching self examination and breast awareness. Made from a soft plastic material, the breast has 4 lumps which simulate various tumours. Supplied in a carrying case, with talc and an informative...
  • Choking Charlie

    £428.50 + VAT
    The Choking Charlie manikin is an adult torso designed specifically for training students in the performance of the Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver. Lifelike torso manikin. Cast from a human specimen. Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver training with simulated food boluses.Includes: 1...
  • Human Spine and Pelvis on Stand – Life Size

    £156.60 + VAT
    Life-size human spine and pelvis in unbreakable plastic cast from a human spine for exact detail Spinal cord together with emerging spinal nerves and arteria vertebralis are all faithfully represented Incorporates an unbreakable flexible metal rod for demonstration of the...
  • Little Junior and Resusci Junior Mk3 Airways (25)

    £47.40 + VAT
    Disposable non-rebreathing airways with one-way valve are changed after each class for maximum instructor convenience and student safety.Same manikin airway fits Resusci Junior and Little Junior.Package includes 25 airways.
  • Mini-Testicles Model

    £12.00 + VAT
    Emphasize the importance of testicular self-examination with these small models. Contains one lump in each testicle. Individually boxed in 2″ square boxes.
  • Testicle Model, Beige (2 lumps in one testicle)

    £129.00 + VAT
    Improve the effectiveness of your testicular self-examination demonstrations with this BIOLIKE 2 model. Designed for an authentic representation of how testicles feel inside the skin of the scrotum. Model has two palpable lumps in one testicle and none in the...
  • Testis Awareness Model – White

    £89.00 + VAT
    A full size realistic model of the scrotum and testes, made from a very lifelike plastic. The testes are mobile within the scrotum and there are four embedded tumours. The model is supplied in a carry case with talc and...