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  • 3 Stage Osteoporosis Model

    £49.91 + VAT
    3 vertebrae model showing progressive stages of osteoporosis Upper vertebrae shows a healthy bone structure Middle vertebrae shows osteoporotic bone structure Lower vertebrae shows osteoporosis at an advanced stage with crushed roof and basal plate Individually removable from stand 16cm...
  • Anatomical Chart – The Muscular System

    £15.00 + VAT
    Training and education, anatomical wall chart. The Muscular System Chart size: 20″ x 26″ Laminated
  • Artery Sections with Blockage

    £56.16 + VAT
     Display demonstrates 4 cross sections of artery with different levels of fat furred blockage.  Mounted on a board.  Size: 16 x 9 x 3 cm.
  • Atherosclerosis Model (10 times life size)

    £47.20 + VAT
     Display presents a longitudinal section of a clogged artery with a thrombus. In addition, four arterial cross sections included on the base to show the stages of atherosclerosis (also known as arteriosclerosis). Model has been magnified ten times for easy viewing...
  • Baby Anne

    £132.36 + VAT
    The Baby Anne manikin was developed to provide effective infant CPR training without compromising realism or quality. The convenient packaging of four Baby Anne manikins makes hands-on practice affordable for every student.
  • Breast Awareness Model – White

    £115.00 + VAT
    A lifelike representation of the breast, for use when teaching self examination and breast awareness. Made from a soft plastic material, the breast has 4 lumps which simulate various tumours. Supplied in a carrying case, with talc and an informative...
  • Chester Chest

    £784.00 + VAT
    Lifelike model of human torso with detachable right arm designed for the insertion, care, and removal of common long-term vascular access routes. The New Advanced Arm has a greater degree of rotation and extension than our previous arm, just as...
  • Choking Charlie

    £404.00 + VAT
    The Choking Charlie manikin is an adult torso designed specifically for training students in the performance of the Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver. Lifelike torso manikin. Cast from a human specimen. Heimlich Abdominal Thrust Maneuver training with simulated food boluses.Includes: 1...
  • Correct Lifting Demonstration Manikin

    £154.00 + VAT
    This figure allows clear demonstration of the effects on the vertebral column of incorrect and correct lifting. With a curved back the vertebrae are forced apart With a straight back the vertebrae remain together and correct Ideal for physiotherapists, general...
  • CPR Prompt Bellows/Piston with Compression Clicker

    £22.53 + VAT
    Replacement for CPR prompt manikins.
  • Dual Lungs Comparison Kit

    £293.00 + VAT
    Demonstrate both sets of lungs simultaneously for better lung comparison.  Interconnected airway system lets you compare the ventilation of both sets of lungs simultaneously, or simply shut off one of the upper valves to inflate only one set of lungs....
  • Fake Blood – 500ml

    £10.43 + VAT
     Flows like blood and is completely safe in the mouth. Stays wet on the skin and runs slowly creating a trail of realistic look blood. Created from the best quality food grade ingredients.
  • Fat Roll Model – 1lb

    £65.10 + VAT
    The 1 lb fat roll model has the look, feel, weight and approximate volume of fat. Users can wrap the roll around the arm, leg or waistline to demonstrate how fat accumulates on the body.
  • Hand Replacement Pad For IV Arm

    £98.00 + VAT
    Equipped with artificial skin and veins that are pre-filled with simulated blood.
  • Heart Model with Bypass

    £83.18 + VAT
    2 part heart shown – life-size Ventricles, atriums, valves, veins and aorta all shown Front heart wall may be removed to reveal interior detail Bypass shown, venal bypass to right coronary artery, to the rasmus interventricularis anterior and to the...
  • Human Skeleton – Willi – Life Size

    £583.33 + VAT
    Life-size male skeleton, cast from unbreakable plastic All fissures, foramina and other details are faithfully reproduced Skull can be dismantled into 3 pieces Special articulation of rib cage guarantees preservation of shape Joint movement can be demonstrated naturally Arms, legs...
  • Human Spine and Pelvis on Stand – Life Size

    £156.60 + VAT
    Life-size human spine and pelvis in unbreakable plastic cast from a human spine for exact detail Spinal cord together with emerging spinal nerves and arteria vertebralis are all faithfully represented Incorporates an unbreakable flexible metal rod for demonstration of the...
  • Hypertension Model

    £179.96 + VAT
    7 part model showing the most susceptible organs Brain, eye, 2 part heart, 2 part kidney Enlarged artery All organs can be rotated or removed Stand mounted Dimensions: 34.5cm x 11.5cm x 11.5cm
  • Knee Joint with Ligaments on Removeable Stand

    £80.79 + VAT
    Individual miniature knee joint model on stand, with cross section of the joint fixed to the stand. Approximately half natural size Allows demonstration of the action of the knee joint and assists in the explanation of problems and conditions Dimensions:...
  • Laerdal Disposable Lungs (100) 020311

    £69.00 + VAT
    For use with: Little Anne CPR Training Manikin Little Anne AED Training System Little Family Pack of Manikins
  • Little Junior and Resusci Junior Mk3 Airways (25)

    £45.00 + VAT
    Disposable non-rebreathing airways with one-way valve are changed after each class for maximum instructor convenience and student safety.Same manikin airway fits Resusci Junior and Little Junior.Package includes 25 airways.
  • Liver Model with Pathologies

    £88.87 + VAT
     Llife-size liver model showing anatomy of the liver alongside various diseases and conditions. Liver pathologies shown by the model include: – biliary obstruction– cirrhosis (septal and nodular)– tumours (liver cancer)– gallstones Comes complete with base and key card included. Model Size:...
  • Mini Skeleton Patrick

    £364.24 + VAT
    Miniature skeleton in fine detail. Approximately one third life size. All arm and leg joints are articulated for demonstration of joint movement. Skull is divided into 3 parts. Without muscle attachments. Supplied on stand for demonstration. Height for Patrick: 65cm. Weight...
  • Mini-Testicles Model

    £7.07 + VAT
    Emphasize the importance of testicular self-examination with these small models. Contains one lump in each testicle. Individually boxed in 2″ square boxes.