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  • Mediflex Infusion Set

    £1.26 + VAT
     Designed to facilitate safe delivery of sterile fluids into body via an intravenous cannula.  Includes: 15 micron filter, internal tubing diameter of 3mm, 155cm length of PVC tubing and protective end caps.  Spike complies with ISO 8536-4 and rotating luer complies with BS EN 1707.  Sterile.
  • Terumo Winged Infusion Set – 23g – Blue (50)

    £23.66 + VAT
    The Surflo winged infusion sets are made out of medical grade EFTE (straight) and FEP (winged, winged and injection port). The materials of the Terumo EFTE/FEP catheters ensure a stable form (lower risk of split tips and peel back) during...