Ill-health Retirement Medicals

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Ill-health Retirement Medicals

Get crucial, specialist advice on Pensions and Ill-health Retirement from our team of specialist occupational health professionals, tailored to your pension scheme.

Every year thousands of people in the UK are diagnosed with conditions that prevent them from continuing to work. Many of them take the option of early retirement due to ill health.

Our Pensions and Early Ill-health Retirement advisory services offers medical assessments consistent with pension scheme rules and criteria and will help to determine whether an individual is likely to meet the criteria for Early Ill-health Retirement.

Often Early Ill-health Retirement medical evidence can be obtained by examining the patient and when necessary, partnering this with reports from the individuals GP or Specialist, which we are able to acquire.

Our experienced doctors will be able to:

  • Arrange a full medical assessment on site
  • Liaise with specialist’s
  • Liaise with GP’s
  • Obtain up to date reports

We will work with your pension scheme to ensure the service you receive is tailored to your requirements.

The benefits of Pensions and Early Ill-health Retirement advisory services include:

  • Ensures pension scheme funds are appropriately invested
  • Allows complicated sickness absence cases to move forward
  • Reduces the cost of prolonged absence for your business, whilst limiting the negative effects it may have on the rest of your workforce

For more information, contact:

Occupational Health Department

0151 482 2830

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