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  • Acriflex Cream – 30g

    £4.82 + VAT
    Acriflex cream contains chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial agent, and can be used to soothe and effectively treat minor burns and scalds.
  • Anusol Cream – 23g

    £6.85 + VAT
    Anusol cream provides effective soothing relief from the discomfort and pain associated with internal and external piles, anal itching and fissures (where your skin is split or cracked).Its unique formula is designed to reduce swelling, soothe itching and protect delicate...
  • Aqueous Calamine Cream – 100ml

    £3.24 + VAT
    Relieves mild sunburn & other minor skin conditions. Symptomatic relief of milk sunburn and other minor skin conditions.
  • Aqueous Cream – 100g

    £2.35 + VAT
    Aqueous Cream is used for the topical treatment of dry skin conditions such as chapping and eczema. Can be used as an emollient for softening and soothing skin.
  • Aqueous Cream – 500g

    £5.68 + VAT
    Used as a moisturising cream suitable for use all over the body. An ideal cream for the symptomatic relief of dry skin conditions.
  • Atrixo Cream – 200ml

    £12.14 + VAT
    Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream effectively moisturises dry, rough hands, leaving them soft and smooth. It is specially formulated with Natural Camomile to soothe skin, while Provitamin B5 restores precious moisture. No artificial colourants. pH balanced with your skin.
  • Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream – 75ml

    £9.94 + VAT
     Instantly relieves very dry and chapped hands from tight and irritable sensation of extra dry skin. Intensely moisturises and relieves very dry and chapped hands. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft, smooth and healthy-feeling. Fragrance free. Apply to dry hands as...
  • Betnovate Cream – 30g *POM*

    £6.62 + VAT
    Betnovate cream is used to treat a variety of inflammatory, allergic or itchy skin disorders, such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, when milder corticosteroids have not been effective.
  • Betnovate Ointment – 30g *POM*

    £6.25 + VAT
    Betamethasone valerate is an active topical corticosteroid which provides a rapid response in those inflammatory dermatoses that are often effective in the less responsive conditions such as psoriasis.Betnovate preparations are indicated for the treatment of: eczema in children and adults;...
  • Blisteze Relief Cream – 5g

    £4.79 + VAT
    A soothing cream with a conditioning blend of ingredients to bring medicated relief to sore, sorry-looking lips. Working alongside the active ingredients are Camphor to soothe, Lanolin to protect and Peppermint Oil to add a taste of freshness.
  • Brulidine Cream – 25g

    £4.58 + VAT
    Helps heal cuts, grazes, burns, nappy rash & other minor skin infections (even in the presence of pus) and minor burns and scalds.
  • Calamine Lotion – 200ml

    £2.30 + VAT
    Calamine lotion is used to relieve itching. It has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin.