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  • Burns Wallchart – 600mm x 420mm

    £23.50 + VAT
    First aid for burns wallchart for workplaces where the risk of burns is increased.
  • Coping with Stress (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    Everyday life brings with it challenges and unexpected events. These situations can sometimes be described as stressful. Most of us have experienced a level of stress at some time or other in our lives and how you cope with it...
  • Electric Shock Emergency Resuscitation Wallchart – 600x420mm

    £22.75 + VAT
    Electric shock emergency resuscitation wall chart for workplaces where the risk of electric shock is present.The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 recommends a poster containing emergency resuscitation procedures be displayed in locations where persons may be at greater risk of...
  • Electric Shock Wallchart (420 x 590mm)

    £22.75 + VAT
    Health and Safety Poster Electric Shock FA551 Features fully coloured illustrations and clear, easy to follow text 420 x 590mm.
  • First Aid For Burns Poster 420×590

    £22.75 + VAT
    Raise safety awareness throughout your organisation. Each wallchart features fully coloured illustrations and clear, easy to follow text. Clear step by step instructions for preventing and managing workplace emergencies. Encapsulated finish for superior durability. Compiled by qualified health and safety...
  • First Aid For Eyes Wallchart 420mm x 590mm

    £22.75 + VAT
    First aid for eyes posters. 590mm x 420mm encapsulated for durability.
  • Health & Safety Law Poster

    £12.50 + VAT
    Legally required Health & Safety Law poster. Designed with clearly marked sections for easy reading Certified for authenticity with an embedded hologram Details HSE and incident contact centre helpline numbers Manufactured using biodegradable material Dimensions (HxW): 595mm x 415mm
  • Know your Dangerous Substances in the Workplace Poster

    £22.75 + VAT
    Made from durable, rigid plastic. Size: 600 mm x 420 mm. Make staff aware of hazardous substance guidance and regulations. Clearly defines the meaning and safety precautions for dealing with dangerous substances. The COSHH regulations state that all persons at...