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Emergency Response Equipment Defibrillators

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  • Blue Lion AED Responder Kit in Green Bag

    £8.74 + VAT
    A first aid kit containing essential ancillary products that may be required when using a defibrillator during a cardiac arrest – all in a handy bag. 1 x First Aid Bag – Green – Large – 190mm x 120mm x...
  • 1686000007

    £80.00 + VAT
    Cool grey with yellow release tabs. AED not included
  • Adult Defibrillation Pads for PowerHeart G3 AEDs

    £35.00 + VAT
    These Adult AED Defibrillation Pads are non-polarized so that either pad can be placed in either location, simplifying the rescue. These defibrillation pads can be used with all Powerheart G3 Automated External Defibrillators.
  • AED Cabinet Basic

    £182.00 + VAT
    Has room for a HeartStart AED with or without carry case.  Battery operated alarm with sound when door is opened. Material: Steel. Size: 42 x 38 x 15.5 cm.
  • AED Wall Cabinet – Surface Mount with Alarm and Security Enabled

    £250.00 + VAT
    This well-constructed AED wall cabinet stores your AED in an easily accessible location. The AED sits inside the white metal cabinet with a seethrough door. Optional security features are triggered when the door is opened, making it widely known that...
  • AIVIA 210 Indoor AED Cabinet with Lock & Alarm

    £265.00 + VAT
    Features: Day/night lighting of the AED compartment by LEDs with automatic luminosity detection. Visual warnings (red flashing LEDs) to indicate malfunctions. Access to the AED is protected by digicode.  Opening the cover automatically triggers a visual alarm (flashing red lights)....
  • AMBU Res-Cue Key First Responder Kit

    £20.60 + VAT
    Includes 2 sets of disposable vinyl gloves, 1 disposable CPR barrier, 1 disposable razor, 1 disposable anti-microbial wipe, and 1 pair of trauma scissors. Can be stored in the AED carrying case.
  • Charge Pack for Lifepak CR PLUS & 2 Sets of Electrode Pads

    £94.80 + VAT
    Battery charger and QUIK-PAK pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes. Includes 2 sets electrodes and 1 battery charger, replacement instructions, and discharger for safe disposal of used CHARGE-PAK.
  • DefibSafe Mk2 External Defibrillator Cabinet

    £495.00 + VAT
    Exterior made from polyethylene which is both corrosion and impact resistant. Door made from polycarbonate giving additional protection from vandalism. IP66 certified giving superior protection against the harshest of weather conditions.Each cabinet comes with a unique location code. This ensures that help in an...
  • Defibtech Adult Defib Pads (Pair)

    £45.00 + VAT
    Package contains one pair of adult defibrillation pads for use with the Lifeline AED. Pads are for adult use only (eight years or older). Pads should be stored connected to the AED. Extra pads can be stored in the available...
  • Defibtech Lifeline AED – Semi-Automatic with 5 Year Battery

    £1,038.00 + VAT
    Easily visible. Light – only 1.9kg in weight and built-in carry handle makes it easy to carry ot patient. Clear voice instructions tell you what to do e.g. press the shock button if the AED decides a shock is required. A CPR metronome helps...
  • Defibtech Lifeline AED Standard Battery – 5 Year

    £199.00 + VAT
    Includes Li 9V.Has a standby life (installed in the unit) of 5 years.Includes daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly self-tests, 125 defibrillation shocks, or 8 hours of continuous operating time.