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Drug & Alcohol Testing

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    Blue Toilet Water Dye Tablet Individually Wrapped (100)

    £21.95 + VAT
    Make sure your drug screening is secure, by adding this tablet to the toilet water before drug testing so the donor cannot dilute his urine from the toilet bowl.
  • Draeger Alcotest 6820 Electronic Alcohol Testing Device

    £1,341.99 + VAT
    The Draeger Alcotest 6820 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form.Thanks to its wide range of possible configurations, the handheld instrument can be easily adapted to meet different international regulations and guidelines....
  • Draeger Alcotest Mouthpieces (25)

    £26.46 + VAT
    Disposable mouthpieces for use with the Draeger Alcotest testing device.Avoids cross-contamination between test subjects.
  • Draeger Alcotest Printer Rolls (5)

    £26.70 + VAT
    Printer paper rolls for Draeger Alcotest Wireless Mobile Printer.
  • Draeger Alcotest Wireless Mobile Printer

    £808.93 + VAT
    The Draeger mobile printer documents measurement results of the Draeger Alcotest testing device. Wireless data transfer Operated via a single button Uses heat transfer printing technology, eliminating the need for ribbons or ink, ensuring low on-going running costs High-quality, long-term...
  • Drager Drug Test 5000 Kit 6 Panel Cassette (20)

    £613.76 + VAT
    Test cassettes are individually wrapped.Packaged in boxes of 20.Easy to use and eliminates misinterpretation of results by ensuring the only visible result is an accurate one. 
  • Instant Alcohol Saliva Test (1)

    £1.96 + VAT
     Simple saliva test to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and so can provide an estimation of blood alcohol levels.  Can be of use to know if it is safe to drive morning after heavy drinking night before.
  • Instant Disposable Breathalyzer 80mg/100ml for UK Limit (10)

    £46.87 + VAT
    Breathalyzer is an easy to use disposable breath test providing instant results and is a derivative of the only Home Office approved disposable unit.The alcotest tube used in the Breathalyzer unit, has been referred to as a ‘blow-in-the-bag’ breath test,...
  • Instant Urine Drug Check Kit

    £29.35 + VAT
    A complete urine drug screening kit that provides instant results for the 6 most common drugs abused. Tests for: Methamphetamines, Opiates, Cannabinoids, Amphetamines, Cocaine & Benzodiazepines US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved Set to the Substance Abuse & Mental...
  • ND 10 Panel Kit

    £28.99 + VAT
    FDA 510(K) cleared.Up to 99% accurate lateral flow test.Results stable for up to 4 hours.Read time 5 minutes.Storage Room temperature.Shelf life up to 18 months from date of manufacture.Easy, one-step procedure.No special storage requirements to maintain stability.Small sample volume required,...
  • Oral 10 Panel Instant Drug Test Kit (Box of 25)

    £500.00 + VAT
    Tests for Amphetamines Buprenorphine Cocaine THC Methamphetamine Opiate K2 Spice Ketamine Methadone BenzodiazepineThe Matrix Oral Cube is a clean and easy way of testing for drugs of abuse in saliva. The test is non invasive and simple to use with...
  • Oral Chain of Custody Drug Sample Collection Kit (1)

    £60.00 + VAT
    The Matrix Oral Fluid Workplace Laboratory Kit contains all the materials you require to collect a valid chain of custody sample to send to our laboratory.   Our forms are preprinted with your details to save you time and allows easy...