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Drug & Alcohol Testing

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  • ALLTEST Split Key Cup Integrated 7 Panel Drug Test Kit

    £182.64 + VAT
    Split key collection cup is a fully integrated drug screening system that is quick & easy to use with accurate results. Dual chamber collection cup retains uncontaminated original urine sample which allows easy laboratory confirmation using original urine sample with no urine handling if...
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    Blue Toilet Water Dye Tablet Individually Wrapped (100)

    £21.00 + VAT
    Make sure your drug screening is secure, by adding this tablet to the toilet water before drug testing so the donor cannot dilute his urine from the toilet bowl.
  • Draeger Alcotest 6820 Electronic Alcohol Testing Device

    £1,284.20 + VAT
    <P>The Draeger Alcotest 6820 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form.</P><P>Thanks to its wide range of possible configurations, the handheld instrument can be easily adapted to meet different international regulations and guidelines.</P><P>...
  • Draeger Alcotest Mouthpieces (25)

    £25.32 + VAT
    Disposable mouthpieces for use with the Draeger Alcotest testing device.Avoids cross-contamination between test subjects.
  • Draeger Alcotest Printer Rolls (5)

    £25.55 + VAT
    Printer paper rolls for Draeger Alcotest Wireless Mobile Printer.
  • Draeger Alcotest Wireless Mobile Printer

    £1,016.34 + VAT
    <P>The Draeger mobile printer documents measurement results of the Draeger Alcotest testing device.</P><P> Wireless data transfer<BR> Operated via a single button<BR> Uses heat transfer printing technology, eliminating the need for ribbons or ink, ensuring low on-going running costs<BR> High-quality, long-term...
  • Drager Drug Test 5000 Kit 6 Panel Cassette (20)

    £587.33 + VAT
    Test cassettes are individually wrapped.Packaged in boxes of 20.Easy to use and eliminates misinterpretation of results by ensuring the only visible result is an accurate one. 
  • Instant Alcohol Saliva Test (1)

    £1.87 + VAT
    &nbsp;Simple saliva test to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and so can provide an estimation of blood alcohol levels. <BR>&nbsp;Can be of use&nbsp;to know if&nbsp;it is safe to drive&nbsp;morning after heavy drinking&nbsp;night before.
  • Instant Disposable Breathalyzer 80mg/100ml for UK Limit (10)

    £44.85 + VAT
    Breathalyzer is an easy to use disposable breath test providing instant results and is a derivative of the only Home Office approved disposable unit.The alcotest tube used in the Breathalyzer unit, has been referred to as a ‘blow-in-the-bag’ breath test,...
  • Instant Saliva Alcohol Test Kit (25)

    £92.37 + VAT
    The kit contains a swab and tester that provides results in less than five minutes. Results are accurate, quantitative and similar to blood-based tests. Its thermometer-like tester is easy to read, eliminating risk of misinterpretation. It features a built-in QA...
  • Instant Urine Drug Check Kit

    £28.08 + VAT
    <P>A complete urine drug screening kit that provides instant results for the 6 most common drugs abused.</P><P> Tests for: Methamphetamines, Opiates, Cannabinoids, Amphetamines, Cocaine &amp; Benzodiazepines<BR> US Food &amp; Drug Administration (FDA) approved<BR> Set to the Substance Abuse &amp; Mental...