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Kays Medical

With Kays Medical, you get one of the leading suppliers, and manufacturers, of biohazard and infection control in the UK. Our comprehensive range of products includes our RESPONSE® and ResponseBeta™ products. RESPONSE® is the UK leader in the development of products, systems and training for the safe and efficient clean-up and disposal of potentially harmful human waste. Using a RESPONSE® body fluid clean-up kit in the correct manner will greatly reduce the chances of cross contamination and infection from such incidents.

ResponseBeta™ Disinfectant Cleaner contains no alcohol so is safe for storage and use in sensitive environments (e.g. HM Prisons, YOI); it will not release chlorine gas when used on body fluids such as vomit or urine. ResponseBeta™ kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores including norovirus – the UK’s number one cause of food poisoning

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